Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tough Calls...

I am seething right now...Rather than post what's on my mind, that being the actions/inactions of the curent administration and government, I'm going to stick to lighter fare. I am having a hell of a time with some of the "Pick 5" topics on facebook...How can I choose only 5 video games? Or top 5 movies (even more difficult for me)? Top 5 beers was easy for me, as was TV shows. My top 5 favorite albums was a little more difficult, but I was able to makes the tough calls. I think once it comes to the movies/video games topics there are just so many choices for me I don't know how to keep it to only 5!! I'll keep trying. Damn you facebook and your limits.

And now our choice to ponder for the day...

In Hell, would you rather be sentenced to

A gridlocked traffic jam with no end


an eternal concert where an exceptionally bad band painfully plays "Celebration" over and over?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stay on topic...Stay on topic...

I met Alex about a decade ago in college, along with the rest of the CC gang. Though the details of the first meeting are hazy at this point, I'm guessing it was in the Little Theater Club Room. Alex is a stand up gent, has a fantastic career, lovely wife (also a CC grad), and can talk about random topics over multiple beers, including the great debate as to whether or not video games are in fact an art form.* I believe he is a Cardinal, has a hell of a book collection, and no doubt will remember that his talent for claiming I cannot possibly hit a bullseye in a game of cricket, has helped Mr. Hoffmann and I pull out victories on numerous occasions!

My question for Alex would be, in keeping with my recent trend...

Would you rather live in a world...

where there was no such thing as war, but also no such thing as alcohol


where there was no such thing as crime, but also no such thing as video games?

*I watched the link on your blog and as I've stated from the beginning I believe they are an artform. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that I agree with one of the gents on that video short, in that it is best determined by the individual's definition of art. However, as you can guess, I disagreed vehemently with the other fellow who claimed automobiles cannot be art!!

Friday, March 20, 2009


...yes. While not really a basketball fan at all, I, like millions of other Americans, fill out an annual March Madness Bracket. This year I've chosen Memphis to take it all. Here's hopin'!

-In other news, my attempt to catalogue every movie I've ever seen is not going well. My previous estimate of "over a thousand", I believe, will ultimately be well short of the actual tally. So far, I've only made it through 1964, and we're closing in on 400 films...I dread hitting 1976 and going from there...

-and finally

Would you rather?

Have an ever changing tattoo, that you could will into being anything you want it to be?
Eyes that you could change to any color you'd want them to?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ah literature...

While on vacay last week I discovered a new author whose work I really enjoy. Steve Berry. Haven't heard of him? Well, if you are a fan of history (which I most certainly am) and enjoy mysteries, his writing will knock your socks off. I have already finished The Romanov Prophecy and I'm currently quickly flipping through The Templar Legacy. W-O-W. Speaking of books...part of what I'd like to start doing on the A.R. is to post some of the following questions. They are known as "Would you rather?" scenarios. I have a collection of them in a book I bought a while ago. Many of these crack me up, though some are actually thought provoking. Here goes.

Would you rather...

belch the sound of a gong or sneeze the sound of a bowling strike.

more tomorrow!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I did it again...totally screwed up the Bufboplofosho whatever the hell it's called. Sorry Garv. What's new with me? Been in Florida visiting wth my snowbird parents for the past week, so amid many rounds of golf, and swimming I started to remember that this whole two-week blog thing started while I was here! Here's something that I can say. For the past week, while we've been golfing, some (ok many) shots have wound up in the rough, along the tree-line. While going to find the wayward golf balls, my father and I have run across mutant squirrels. Why mutant? Because, they are greenish, the size of an oppossum, have black faces, furry-tufted ears, and attack like the beast from Monty Python's Holy Grail. Too bad we didn't have the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch. More when I return to the Great White North of Buffalo...

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