Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Now let's get Beast-Man and Mer-Man...

...to be offensive and defensive coordinators, because the Buffalo Bills apparently are happy with Skeletor Jauron.

Awesome...Yay for the Bills organization actually giving a $h!t about their fans! Now I'm especially glad, I'm more of a College Football fan. Though I will say that I'm also happy to be a fan of the Chargers from A Whale's Vagina. Granted their coach is no better, but at least the team isn't about to move after having sucked up the fans' hard-earned pay for nearly 50 years.

Friday, December 12, 2008

This story just keeps getting better and better...

I love it...Yet another Dem. Illinois politician showing America the way...The way to be a complete piece of $h!t that is...

Well thank God that the paragon of morality, Pres.-Elect Barry Obama, has called for Gov. "Lego-man hair" Blagojevich to resign. I just wonder how far down the rabbit hole this might go?

What cracks me up the most is the fact that the Gov. after having been arrested for a crime that could spell a few decades behind bars, still essentially believes, "Hey, why step down? I can effectively govern the state of Illinois". W-O-W!! This is the kind of crap that has caused me to lose all faith in the governmental system and the executive offices of the United States of America. What a farce.

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