Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Jockeys take your mounts!

Well it's fast approaching! My favoriite day of the year is nigh. I can't wait for the pageantry, the women in hats, the graceful, beautiful horses parading to the post, and the refreshing mint juleps. I've had a devil of a time researching the horses. I'm not sure what route is best. So here goes:

Big Brown-He's a machine, just a big, thundering juggernaut. I've said before, he's only had three starts. The mental aspect of inexperience may come into play.

Pyro-Forget his horrible outing at the Bluegrass, it was on synthetic blend turf. This is a dirt track and Pyro's workouts this past week would suggest he's back to form.

Colonel John-
Another big horse. He's not quite the physical specimen that Big Brown is, but he's more seasoned. His workouts this week have been e

So how does this help? Unfortunately, it doesn't. Therefore I'm going to put the above in a boxed trifecta, and decide on who I'll bet separately as the winner. Right now I'm leaning toward Big Brown.

In other news...
I saw The Number 23 the other night. Not a bad flick. I must say that I enjoy Jim Carey's work in serious roles far more than I do his comedic turns.

Whahoo!! Just picked up Mario Kart Wii, and it's an absolute blast. Excellent controls, either standard or with the new steering wheel. The inclusion of motorcross bikes is great, and the online play/support is phenomenal. All in all, I think it is the best console Kart outing that the big N has ever produced. If you have a Wii, I highly suggest picking this up.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

New toys...

So last week I decided it was finally time to get a new PC. I had already purchased a laptop for work, but the house needed a new desktop. Hello Best Buy, what do you have today? Well, I wound up wth the HP 8430F. What specs you say? Here's an overview:

Powerful multimedia desktop with TV tuner (NTSC/ATSC), personal video recording functionality, and programming guide
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor, 750 GB hard drive, 4 GB RAM (8 GB max), 16x LightScribe DVD drive, 54g Wi-Fi (802.11b/g)
NVidia GeForce 8500 GT graphics with up to 1535 MB total available memory; Gigabit Ethernet; open bay for optional HP Personal Media Drive
Connectivity: 6 USB, 2 FireWire, 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI, 1 S-Video, 1 composite A/V, digital audio output, surround sound speaker output, 15-in-1 memory card reader
Pre-installed with the 64-bit version of Windows Vista Home Premium (Service Pack 1); includes remote control and wired keyboard/mouse

It has a built in wireless LAN, plays Blu-Ray, has the above mentioned HiDef TV tuner, with built in DVR, I got a widescreen LCD monitor with it, and, "I even like the color".

All in all, I am thrilled with it so far. The speed, power, etc...I've been able to run about 10 programs at once so far and the machine simply laughs at me and wonders if that's all I've got. Sooo I went out and picked up Company of Heroes Gold Edition. If you're not familiar with this, and you're a gamer, you better change that. This was game of the year in '07. It's a WWII themed RTS, and W-O-W. Very good game. So we're happy here.

-In other news,

The wife and I just got back from Baby Mama. Not my frst choice of films to see this month, but she wated to go, so I indulged her. Surprisingly, it was funnier than I thought it would be. Amy Poehler was fantastic. Cute movie.

This Friday I'm taking my five year old nephew to see Iron Man. He's been talking about it for 2 weeks at pre-school, and even had my sister-in-law go buy him the helmet that alters one's voice. Apparently his pre-school teacher is thrilled that my nephew wears it to school everyday. (I know I am, I find it hilarious)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Forget Ambien...

One of the perks of insomnia? One gets far more accomplished. A few hours ago I commented on a good friend's blog regarding his most recent post, entitled, "The Racism Post" (go to the B.A. Start link at the right to find it). After a few hours of playing Call of Duty 4, and Castlevania: Sympony of the Night (btw Alex, WOW you were right, what a great game!), I realized there is much more that needs to be said. Expanding on my comment to the aforementioned post, I am surprised at the position taken by B.A. Start. Where to begin? I think with the term 'racism' itself. There are many definitions of the term, but I think a smart denotation would be: discrimination based on an individual's race; which can be expressed individually or through institutional policies or practices. Now then, what the heck does that mean, or what does that include? B.A. Start would suggest it includes white Catholics not favoring Obama. Here is the first time I query B.A. Start's statements. Why mention only white Catholics, not white Protestants, or white Buddhists, or for that matter whites of any other religion? Could lack of white Catholic support be because Obama is pro-choice, where the majority of Catholics are not, due to Papal edict and dogma of the Church? That is more likely the case, than the fact that Obama is black. So then does it really come down to his race? It would seem that if it did, then all whites, no matter religion would move away from Obama. We know that is not the case. Therefore, it has to be his political views, which last time I checked, a contrary opinion to them doesn't consitute racism, even though Obama is black. Are marketing schemes between urban and surburan communities racist? Hmmm I'm not sure on all said strategies, of every company., but naturally they have to be different. That's inherent in sales, or at least in good sales. One cannot sell the same product, the same way, to everyone. As a salesman/consultant, I can tell you, that would lead to disastrous failure. Yet, that doesn't mean these differing strategies are racist, unless products are not sold to certain peoples, or altered before sold to certain peoples, etc...

Now we come to the part of the post, that took me a bit by surprise. Knowing my dear friend for many years, and his self-ascribed stoicism, which is hand-in-hand with logic, I found myself confused. As I touched on in my comment on his post, I cannot figure out for the life of me how politically-correctness and all of its derivations help ease racial tensions. B.A. Start claims that it's ok because it helps alleviate past wrongs. Again I claim, "The sins of the father..." Yeah I didn't fight in WWII, but then I am not claiming I did, nor am I expecting any applause, reward etc... from anyone for our servicemen's victory. Just as in the reverse case, I recognize that slavery was a horrible sin, but not one that I, nor anyone in my family took part in. Thus, I should not have to apologize for it, nor have to feel like I was at fault for any of it. Here's what it boils down to: I don't believe any human being should be denied legal rights and privileges based on the color of his skin. HOWEVER, I also don't believe any human being should be granted any special considerations or get a "free-pass" because of the color of his skin. That my friend, would be true equality.

You cannot honestly believe that politically correctness, will get us back to the Declaration of Independence (which incidentally, as you know, didn't really proscribe the same freedoms and rights to all people in this country). You say,

"Any time we give the government the right to decide what people can and cannot say or think, we should get very nervous. A watchful eye must be kept on this, to be sure, but until we stop both individually and institutionally classifying people into genera based on tannin-level, it is for the best."

Wait, what!?! It is for the best for a government to be given the right to decide what people can and cannot say or think, as long as it helps ease racial relations? First, it doesn't. Case in point, do you think the institutionalized program of affirmative action actually helps ease racial relations, or redress past injustices decades, even centuries old? Of course it doesn't. It inherently futhers the racial divide by essentially stating that the individuals of the "protected class" it claims to benefit only achieved the benefit because of their skin tone. How does that bring us together and not further separate us? Moreover, how is that fair, just, and ok treatment for the protected class. I for one, would feel like crap if I knew that's how I got accepted into college, or got a job. On the issue of "politically correctness" controlled thought and speech being ok... Again, that only widens the gap in the long run. All in the Family is universally considered to be one of the greatest programs to have ever aired on television. What's sad is that our society became so self-conscious that a show like that could never be made today. Further, look at the classic Chevy Chase/ Richard Pryor skit on SNL, or the Dean Martin roasts. Could they ever be done today? Absolutely not. Why? Because around 15 years ago people started claiming that "protected classes" feel a certain way, and as such they shouldn't be offended, ever, by any means, even in the smallest degree. Well that's ludicrous. If that's the case why would those people then think it is ok to crack jokes regarding the majority. Watch Dave Chapelle, D.L. Hughley, George Lopez, and anyone on Def Comedy Jam. I do, and I crack up when they poke fun at whites. It's good to laugh about things. But, changing the rules so that the majority (whites) cannot do the same doesn't prevent racism, nor does it make up for past mistakes like black kids only being allowed to go to college because the National Guard was called in. No one is being denied any right/privilege or being persecuted through a joke, it is merely a joke. If that were the case, comedians would be out of a job, and humor would be virtually non-existant. That's what humor is, poking fun at something; politics, religion, whites, blacks, asians, blondes, etc... We have to have some rational thought, we have to lighten up and "pick our battles".

Look, at one point in time all peoples of all ethnicities, creeds, colors, etc...have been the subject of prejudice by others. That is a deplorable fact of human history, but a truth nonetheless. I defy anyone to find me a group of people from any ethnicity that has ever sailed through the course of human history unscathed by the hurtful actions of others. That's life, for good or ill. The answer is not to say, "it's for the best" to allow a government or a society as a whole to control individual's thoughts, opinions etc... until we get this racism thing sorted out". Hell, last I checked, certain countries that have allowed governments and societies that kind of power haven't fared too well. They've either been socialist failures, communist nations with horrendous human rights violations, facist failures, or they're under Sharia law. It certainly isn't something that will ever remotely bring us anywhere near the ideals of the American Nation, let alone the phenomenon that is the Declaration. What is needed is tolerance, understanding, and the ability to relax, (as I said, "pick your battles") Give the American people the respect they deserve. We're talking about grown adults for the most part. We have thick skins, we're not little school children. We certainly don't need people telling us what hurts our presupposed fragile, little feelings. If we can get back to that, and still be cognizant that the Constitution applies, in its laws to EVERYONE, I think we might be on the right path.


Oh no...Not Again!

This happened last year for the first time I could remember...There was no set of dominant horses for the Triple Crown run. I fear this year the same is about to happen. You'll recall in an earlier post that I had mentioned War Pass as a possible choice for me. Well, unfortunately, he has a minor fracture in his ankle and thus, is out for the Triple Crown Run. Pyro, my other choice, had an abyssmal finish of 10th in the Bluegrass. Now I hear talk that Pyro is still capable, but Colonel John and Big Brown are also getting a lot of hype. The latter is attempting to do what no other horse has done in 85 years. Big Brown has run only three prep races, and was a machine in all of them, but again, only 3 preps!?! Oh boy, now I'm just not may be time to bet a couple different trifectas and claim victory that way. We'll keep you posted.

-Movie Reviews...

The Water Horse-cute family movie, not particularly good, nor particularly bad. Just ok.

Walk Hard-This Walk the Line parody was just not good at all. It had some funny parts, but they were too few and far between.

I Am Legend-I liked it. The CGI was a bit too much. I would have liked t see more traditional work done with some of the film. The story has been played out to death (see 28 Days Later). Ok, but not great.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wake Up America!

After watching that pathetic excuse for a debate the other day. I realized one huge thing. Without someone writing their speeches for them, Sens. Obama and Clinton, cannot mutter anything factually correct, nor coherent. Case in point, the illustrious Sen. Obama's comments to Charles Gibson re: the capital gains tax. Obama showed just how little he knows of economics, one of those issues he claims Americans will care about (Guess what Senator? Character is too, but that's for a different post). Being that I work in the financial industry, I deal in numbers all day, and here's a cold hard fact my dear Sen...If you raise the capital gains tax, govt. revenue will decrease. There is no maybe or we'll see. His response of, "I'd raise the tax because we don't know what will happen" is ludicrous. Moreover, he showed his true colors by saying, when pressed, that it wasn't about revenue, or money, but about fairness. WTF!?! The top 5% wealthiest Americans pay 60-70% of the taxes for the whole country. Soooo, we should tax them more, because the middle class is getting screwed under the Bush tax cuts Sen. Obama? Here's some cold hard numbers for you...

Taxes under Clinton
Single making 30K - tax $8,400
Single making 50K - tax $14,000
Single making 75K - tax $23,250
Married making 60K - tax $16,800
Married making 75K - tax $21,000
Married making 125K - tax $38,750

Taxes under Bush 2008
Single making 30K -tax $4,500
Single making 50K -tax $12,500
Single making 75K -tax $18,750
Married making 60K-tax $9,000
Married making 75K -tax $18,750
Married making 125K -tax $31,250

Hmmmm. Curious how the current president's tax plan really screws the American middle class huh? I'm no fan of Prez. Bush, but I am a fan of cold hard numbers, and if you bothered to cut out the "Yes We Can" bullsh_t you'd see it too. Both democratic candidates will return to the higher tax rates. I'm reminded of a line from The Sting with Paul Newman; "You scam somebody out of some money and they don't even know what happened."

So maybe America these numbers don't phase you, and you're still all about "Yes We Can" and change and all that other crap, well let's see how change has worked for the U.S.A. in numbers shall we?
(Remember the "change" election in 2006?)

In 2005:
1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2 1/2 year high;
2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
3) The unemployment rate was 4.5%.

Since voting in a Democratic Congress in 2006 we have seen:
1) Consumer confidence plummet;
2) The cost of regular gasoline soar to over $3.50 a gallon;
3) Unemployment is up to 5% (a 10% increase);
4) American households have seen $2.3 trillion in equity value evaporate (stock and mutual fund losses);
5) Americans have seen their home equity drop by $1.2 trillion dollars;
6) 1% of American homes are in foreclosure. America voted for change in 2006, and we got it!

Remember, it's Congress that makes law not the President. He has to work with what's handed to him.

I'm sure now you'll say, "Well the war, the war, it costs us too much!" Oh really? Hmm why don't we take a look at some expenditures shall we? You see I've been a bit confused, what with all the liberal propaganda telling me the war is bankrupting the U.S. So let's see...

1. $11 Billion to $22 billion is spent on welfare to illegal aliens each year by state governments.Verify at:

2. $2.2 Billion dollars a year is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens.verify at:

3. $2.5 Billion dollars a year is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens.Verify at:
4. $12 Billion dollars a year is spent on primary and secondary school education for children here illegally and they cannot speak a word of English!verify at:

5. $17 Billion dollars a year is spent for education for the American-born children of illegal aliens, known as anchor babies.Verify at

6. $3 Million Dollars a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens.Verify at:

7. 30% percent of all Federal Prison inmates are illegal aliens.Verify at:

8. $90 Billion Dollars a year is spent on illegal aliens forWelfare & social services by the American taxpayers.Verify at:

9. $200 Billion Dollars a year in suppressed American wages are caused by the illegal aliens.Verify at:

10. The illegal aliens in the United States have a crime rate that's two and a half times that of white non-illegal aliens. In particular, their children, are going to make a huge additional crime problem in the US.Verify at:

11. During the year of 2005 there were 4 to 10 MILLION illegal aliens that crossed our Southern Border; also, as many as 19,500 illegal aliens from Terrorist Countries. Millions of pounds of drugs, cocaine, meth, heroin and marijuana, crossed into the U. S from the Southern border.Verify at: Homeland Security Report:

12. The National Policy Institute, 'estimated that the total cost of mass deportation would be between $206 and $230 billion or an average cost of between $41 and $46 billion annually over a five year period.'Verify at:

13. In 2006 illegal aliens sent home $45 BILLION in remittances back to their countries of origin.Verify at:

14. 'The Dark Side of Illegal Immigration: Nearly One Million Sex Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants In The United States.'Verify at:

The grand total? A whopping $338.3 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. All for ILLEGALS!! Are we THAT stupid? If this doesn't bother you then, you need your head examined. If, on the other hand, it does raise the hair on the back of your neck, (as it damn well should) then I can only hope you'll throw off the wool that's been pulled over your eyes, and wake the hell up. (silently prays, "Please don't be sheep, please don't be sheep, please don't be sheep") Yes, we can change, but going to either one of the two incompetent, dimwitted Dems. is not the change we need. I'm not claiming McCain to be the Second-Coming and a cure-all, but I simply argue that he is the lesser of two evils. You may have differing opinions my fellow Americans, but you cannot deny any of these numbers, nor the impact that they have.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Who Flung Poo...

Got this in an e-mail. It made my wife and I crack up out loud. Take a gander...

Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

(must read out loud)

1. That's not right= Sum Ting Wong

2. Are you harboring a fugitive?= Hu Yu Hai Ding

3. See me ASAP= Kum Hia

4. Stupid man= Dum Fuk

5. Small Horse= Tai Ni Po Ni

6. Did you go to the beach?= Wai Yu So Tan

7. I bumped the coffee table= Ai Bang Mai Fu Kin Ni

8. I think you need a face lift= Chin Tu Fat

9. It's very dark in here= Wai So Dim

10. I thought you were on a diet= Wai Yu Mun Ching

11. This is a tow away zone= No Pah King

12. Our meeting is scheduled for next week= Wai Yu Kum Nao

13. Staying out of sight= Lei Ying Lo

14. He's cleaning his automobile= Wa Shing Ka

15. Your body odor is offensive= Yu Stin Ki Pu

16. Great= Fa Kin Su Pah

Thought it was hilarious!

-Quick movie review time.

Sweeney Todd. I love Tim Burton, Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, the film visually was amazing, Depp's voice is surprisingly very strong. However, I hate musicals...I wish this was a film adaptation of the musical. Halfway through I had to throw subtitles on and fast forward to see the rest. I couldn't take the singing anymore.

Juno. Hilarious. That's all that needs to be said.

Flight of the Phoenix. Not the original with Jimmy Stewart, but the recent remake with Dennis Quaid. Okay. Not particularly great, but not horrible either.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

what's new?

Not much...Same ol' same ol'. I do wish that Memphis could have hit some free throws last night. Very sad to see them blow a 9 point lead. I just read that Guillermo Del Toro is slated to direct The Hobbit with Jackson and co. producing. That could be interesting. Del Toro, is also supposed to direct the second LoTR based film as well (the one focusing on unfinished tales, and appendices accounts) Sir Ian will be reprising his role as Gandalf, a must in my book!

-In other news, I was saddened at the death of Charlton Heston over the weekend. The loss of such a man, actor, and American icon, should not soon be forgotten.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I can smell it...

The freshly mowed grass that is. The sun was out today! Granted it was only 45 degrees, but the sun was out today, so baby steps are starting. I cannot wait for cookouts, golf, horseracing...Ok that was the best segue into my initial Triple Crown coverage that I could come up with.

War Pass,

He's won all of his races so far, except for one, where he was bumped out of the gate, suffered lacerations to his forelimbs and subsequently did not run that well. I think that was obviously an abberration of the horse's talent, hopefully he'll have full recovery by May 3rd.


He's en fuego. (couldn't resist) Won 3, placed 2, showed 1. That's one hell of a record so far. We'll see how he fares the next month or so.

It looks like these two are my early picks, I'm still waiting for news on the others. I'll try to come up with my "Dark Horse" as well. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Campaign Promises?

Now before everyone gets up in arms: calm down, take a breath, and understand this is a JOKE. I did not make this photo, it's an April Fool's Joke that was sent to me via e-mail. I found it funny.


-Now it's time for more quick movie reviews...

-Into the Wild: This movie was long, but well-acted. It is a true story, which will most likely make you shudder as it did for me. I came to the conclusion after the end, that the subject of the film was a selfish little jackass. You'll see why I think that after you watch it. I won't ruin anything for you.

-Enchanted- HA! I thought this was a clever little tongue-in-cheek, Disney movie. It is certainly geared toward little ones, but has some really funny parts nonetheless.

That's all for now, see you soon!

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