Friday, December 14, 2007


I knew it wouldn't be long before we got shelled. This is afterall WNY. I went to a "Holiday Talent Show" at my Grandfather's retirement community last night. I have no words to describe the hilarity that ensued. The highlights of the evening involved a giant Santa Claus reading "T'was the Night Before Christmas" in a beautiful Great Lakes/Cheektowaga accent that I swear I've heard waaaaay too many times on WGR 550 sports radio call-ins. Then came the headlining act, my grandfather (86 yrs. young mind you) and 15 of his peers marched (liberally of course, as walkers, canes, and Larks were involved) in to the assembly room with light-up antlers on their head, and proceeded to play a Christmas Carol medley on Kazoos, or as he calls them Gazoos. No joke, they have a full fledged Kazoo band. I really was about to ask the staff for an extra Depends b/c I nearly wet myself from laughing. The audience was cracking up, the 'band' was chuckling, and all in all it was a great event for the members of the community. Their families came to see them perform and it was all in good fun. Next year I'll video the show and post it here so all can enjoy.

Now on to some more movie reviews...

-The Bourne Ultimatum-good action, weak dialogue, I'm over Jason Bourne now.

-Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix-loved it! It was one of my favorite books, and is my favorite of the series of films so far. I had seen this earlier in the year at the theatre, but wanted to watch again. Luna Lovegood, and Dolores Umbridge were even better this time around. If you're in the books or movies chances are you've seen this, if not...start watching the series form the beginning and reading the books. It is most certainly time well spent.

-In other news, I really am sick of the debates so far. The campaign is boring the crap out of me. I find the scandals surrounding the Clinton campaign and its workers amusing though. I wish the whole media circus that follows this would stop for a while. I know they won't, they're too whore-ish, but I'd like some peace and quiet during the my Christmas time.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's New? know the same ol' same ol' really. Holly Jolly time is fast approaching. Our tree is up, the nativity set is up, the wreathes and lights and candles and well you get the idea. (yes, basically "The North Pole" has exploded in my house) I love this time of year, the Christmas specials are on TV, snow is on the ground, great tidings of joy! Oh and well yes the Victoria's Secret Fashion show is on. I was very disappointed this year. I think since my girl Gisele has retired from Vicky's I just have lost a lot of the "love" so to speak. Even my other girls Alessandra and Adriana, weren't featured that much tonight. Such is the way of things I suppose.

-In other news, I have seen a few films recently...

License to Wed- wish I hadn't seen it.

Amazing Grace-glad I did see it

Live Free or Die Hard-Awesome film. I'm not typically an action film kindof guy, but this one was great.

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