Friday, August 24, 2007

Two mice...

Hey kids I just saw the trailer for a film called Balls of Fury. Mind you I don't believe this to be a cinematic opus, but I think it will be hilarious. First off, the premise involves deadly ping-pong matches, ridiculous in and of itself. Secondly, the film stars Christopher Walken. I don't think I have to say anything more. The man is genius, he cracks me up in any role he is in, whether it's meant to be comical or not. As soon as I saw him in the ludicrous getup they have him wearing for this film, I nearly choked on the dinner morsel I was chewing on. Can't wait.

-In other news, Michael Vick has plead guilty. The NFL has banned him indefinitely (rightly so), and yet the NAACP and others have come out with excuses saying that it is too bad all the facts won't be heard (due to no trial) and that Vick took this route b/c he had no choice.

Thing #1 Vick took the plea because he knew he was busted, he knew he screwed up and he didn't want to fight a losing battle that would have seen him ultimately end up in jail for far longer than he's going to be in now.
Thing #2 Why oh why is anyone sticking up for an individual who murdered animals by drowning, hanging, electrocution, etc...?? How the hell does that happen? I've heard people say on radio shows this past week, that dog fighting is a sport, that it shouldn't matter what one does behind closed doors. WHAHUH?? Boxing, baseball, football, even curling are sports, dog-fighting is illegal. That's most likely why it was done behind closed doors. Further, when the hell is it ok to break the law behind one's closed doors? So if one murders animals, or beats his wife, or kills a person inside one's home that's ok?? STOP. Please stop, Vick is no less an animal than those he viciously killed. Simple and plain. As far as I'm concerned, a man who earns $100 million for playing a legal sport, and is a representative of the NFL, should never have put himself in that position. That said, kudos to Roger Goodell for the indefinite suspension, [please never let him back] and to the sentencing judge, please keep him in jail for as long as the law will allow.

Friday, August 17, 2007

This could be the start of something...

Kids, it happened again... The Goose has roared on the links and has broken 100 for the second time in less than a month! By achieving a 95 for 18 holes the other day, I believe I may be settling in to a new handicap on the links.

-In other news, we are very ecstatic that KTB is finally home, though less so that she has not called :( However, we believe that she will be out downtown this Saturday and so we shall see her then.

-Movie reviews:

Fracture: Anthony Hopkins is amazing. The movie's twist can be picked up very early on if one is observant enough. I liked it a lot. The ending should have been better, like Hopkins getting away. It would have been far more dark, but ultimately, imho a better film.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Hula time...

Hiya kiddos, Well Honey and I went to my brother-in-law's house Saturday night for a luau party. Emphasis on W-O-W. After shooting 18 holes earlier and going to a couples shower, an 8 1/2 hour party seemed like a brilliant idea. In all honesty, it was a blast. There was food galore, tiki torches, coconuts, grass skirts, a poker tournament, and a wonderful frisbee type game called Kan-Jam. If you haven't played it, you simply must, ASAP. Very addictive, very fun, and an awesome party game. I am exhausted today though.

-In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I loved it, very similar to the book. That book was, imho, one of the better ones, and seeing the Order duel the Death Eaters on screeen was fantastic. Most perfectly cast character? Luna Lovegood, hands down. The young actress who played the part nailed Miss Lovegood's dreamy, opium-addictesque (which is now a word) speech and assorted odd personality querks . I can't wait for next year's installment.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Goose that Roared...

Well kids I have finally done it. Yesterday I went out to play a round of 18 holes with my friend Tim and I broke the 100 barrier. I shot a 91 for 18 holes, and had three pars (which equaled my lifetime total up until that point). I am thrilled, especially since I can only play with my 3 wood, 7,8,9 iron, pitching wedge and putter. Do I have a Driver, 5 wood and 3-6 iron? Absolutely. Can I hit with them effectively? Absolutely not. I think it is high time I go and get a lesson or 30 and learn how to hit those clubs. Hell, maybe I'll get even better, or maybe I was like "Frank the Tank in the Debate" yesterday and just blacked out for 18 holes.

-In other news, some movie reviews:

Premonition-Not bad, Not Great. Predictable ending, something about Sandra Bullock, never really liked her as an actress.

Pathfinder (unrated)-90+ minutes of blood, gore, and minimal acting. Good action sequences, not much else.

Hot Fuzz-Ok if you have ever seen Shaun of the Dead (if you haven't go watch it ASAP), great, you know the humor of this movie. I thought it was hilarious, I loved SotD and found this to be equally amusing and ridiculous. I recommend it.

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