Sunday, June 24, 2007

When talk shows go wrong...

Kids, I have no words, just watch this whole thing, it's worth your 5 minutes time.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Sentinel of the Spaceways...

Hey kids, I went to see FF4: Rise of the Silver Surfer last night. Aside from the fact that the Surfer is one of my favorite comic book superheroes, I have to say that this film was a whole lot more than I expected. There are some minor quibbles I have though:

-There are 8 million blond, blue-eyed actresses in LA that could have played Sue Storm, yet they chose one of 3 brunettes in Jessica Alba for the role. She's gorgeous yes, but the fake blue eyes were a bit scary.

-The Surfer's power is NOT drawn from his board in the comic books, but I see why that was changed, so that's ok that they 'depowered' him.

Well, that's about it. I loved how they portrayed the Surfer, he really does kick a lot of @$$. The FF looked, and interacted just as they do in the comic book. It was a very entertaining summer movie, and I think it is much, much better than the first FF film (which I liked btw). I have to see it again, but right now I love it, in fact it may be tied with Spiderman 1 for my favorite comic book movie so far.

*Stick around for the 'stinger' scene 10 seconds into the credits. Could there be a Silver Surfer stand alone film? I sure as hell hope so.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lots to catch up on...

Hey kids, we have a lot to cover today in the world of film reviews...

-Apocalypto- Amazing. I loved every second of it, the vividness of the colors, the speech, the violence, the non-stop thrill ride=fantastic!

-Pan's Labyrinth-what a concept! Excellent work by Del Toro. The fantasy/reality crossover is much like another of the films we've recently seen (more on that later). Loved the characters, hated the Capitan's guts (like the filmmaker intended!), felt horrible at the end.

-Alpha Dog- Yeah I know I know, but-surprisingly this was a very entertaining film. Justin Timberlake, while not a master thespian, still did better than my expectations. When I found out after this film, that it was a true story, I was blown away. It had a great, 'kick me in the gut' climactic scene.

-The Fountain-Great imagery, horrible movie. I have absolutely no idea what happened in this film at all. I blame that on the fact that I do not drop acid, which I believe is a must for total comprehension of this movie.

-Letters from Iwo Jima- Another cinematic gem from Clint Eastwood. The sister to Flags of our Fathers, this movie showed the Japanese point of view, and was brilliant in every way.

-Days of Glory-A foreign WWII film about the French colonial forces from Algeria and Morocco fighting in Europe. Very much akin to Saving Private Ryan. Good viewing.

-Bridge to Terabithia- Much like Pan's Labyrinth in that it crosses fantasy with reality, but Disney should have stopped making films like this after Old Yeller. Wow... I just finished watching this, and it was most definitely a tear-jerker. Holy Moley. Not a movie for little all.

-Ghostrider- I did not hate this movie. They did not screw it up like they did Daredevil. I thought Nic Cage may have been too old to play Johhny Blaze, but it was entertaining.

-In other news, I know I promised a new feature, and I'm still compiling it so please be patient. Also, I picked up the new White Stripes album "Icky Thump" today, and well the pounding drums, power guitars and heavy blues are back! Oh and by the by, there's still some eclectic pieces as well. Spanish Flamenco, Bagpipes, etc... I've only given it one listen through, but me likey.

Monday, June 11, 2007

one down and more to go...

Hey kids, I know it's been a while, but Honey and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary yesterday. It was great, we were in Toronto for the lovely weekend. Some Highlights:

-Urban Outfitters is such a fun place. A lot of overpriced crap, but also a lot of excellent things as well.
-North by Northeast. Who knew there would be such a massive concert all weekend long? Well over 100 bands playing at numerous outdoor venues...What's not to like?
-The Silver Snail. For Garvey, Gabbs, and all of my other fellow comic book geeks, if you have not been to this shop on Queen St. YOU MUST GO ASAP. I have no response to the wonders that were inside. Visit it, come back and let me know if you agree.
-My Honey Wife- She's my beautiful love, and my best friend, and I hope we have many more of these weekends to come.

-In other news, check out this music video it just might be the most ridiculous one ever made

Now watch the Swedish Chef's interpretation:

I'm not sure which is more hilarious.

Stay tuned for a new feauture in the A.R. coming in our next post. It may be daily, or weekly, or I'm not sure yet, but there will be a new series of polls coming soon.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Ok kids this post is specifically for Katie B-Tags...She insisted in a very funny converstion with me over the weekend that Christian Bale's character in The Prestige, used a clone from Tesla's cloning machine just as Hugh Jackman's character (Angier) did. I argued that Bale's character (Borden) and his "bodyguard" (Fallon) were in actuality, twin brothers. She called Shenanigans, stating that she owns the film and has seen it eleventy billion times...Here is my rebuttal:

the official script of the film

my dearest KB, please read page 122 I believe, then rewatch the film for the eleventy-billion +1 time, and note where Angier, dying, states to Borden as the latter stands over him, "A brother...A twin". Then please note Borden's subsequent acknowledgement and story. THEY ARE TWINS, NOT CLONES. (P.S. I still luv ya! and I'm glad you were home, so we could have such a hilarious night-long discussion over this)

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