Sunday, April 01, 2007

sun and fun...

Hey kids, well 48hrs. here and it has been wonderful. Honey and I have enjoyed some pooltime here at the 'rents house, the Doc and I have been golfing, we've eaten like piglets (note to P.F. Chang's: get a location up and running in the Buffalo area, PLEASE), and well I've seen these lovelies already:

Aston Martin DB9 Volante- the dealer is supposed to be very nice, I'd love to test drive this week!

Porsche Cayman S -same dealer, maybe same type of test drive, which would be nice, because I LOVE this auto

Ferrari 360 Spider -not a 430, but gorgeous nonetheless, alas Ferrari won't allow test-drives so no Ferris Bueller moment :(

Rolls-Royce Phantom-it's a behemoth.

Jaguar XK convertible -like a mini Aston DB9, but it's much better than the prior XK8.

-Well that's all for now, gotta get some shut eye, early tee time tomorrow.


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