Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Fond Farewell and an Open Letter...

Hey kids, I want to take this time to say "Goodbye" to Barbaro. The masterful horse which would've won the 2006 Triple Crown was put down today due to the catastrophic injury he suffered last year. I'm not one who goes all crazy by sending wreaths made of carrots or other such things, but I do love Horse Racing and this horse was about as magnificent as I've seen in a while.

-In other news, if you've ever played any of the wonderful "Madden" football video games this should appeal to you. If you haven't, then don't bother reading this. Parents, be forewarned while we don't often use profane language here on A.R., this article is rife with it. Thanks to a good friend for leading me to that webpage, I nearly wet myself laughing over this article. (especially the tirade against Rod Smart's lack of intelligence)

I've been catching up on some reading and have now ripped through the first 5 Harry Potter novels (saw the films, never read the books). J.K. Rowling is indeed masterful. I haven't been so engaged by characters in quite some time. Now that I've just finished #5, I can't wait to see the film this summer.

- By the by any of you have Superbowl predictions?? If so, please share. I dislike the NFL personally, (being a college football guy) but I like Peyton Manning, so I am pulling for the Colts. Tell us your predictions and what plans you have for the big day!

Monday, January 22, 2007

It's about time...

Well kids, let's all welcome Old Man Winter. He finally realized he should make an appearance. If you live in Western NY I don't have to tell you about the intimate relationship we enjoy with him. I was hoping he wouldn't make it around to us for a little while longer, but alas no such luck. Although, it now appears that we have excellent skiing/snowboarding weather! Great news indeed.

-In other news, I'm not a fan of the NFL, not in the least bit. However, I am glad that Peyton Manning is going to the Super Bowl. It's about time! The League needs someone of his class and integrity on the big stage, and let's face it, he has been the unofficial ambassador of the NFL for quite some time anyway.

-Rome is back on HBO, and the episodes have been fantastic. I can't wait to see how they portray everything. I hope the Civil War is shown, but I doubt that will happen full-bore. It's likely to be presented in snippets.

-I saw 2 trailers last night during the game. 300-Yeah, that's an opening-day viewing for me, and Ghost Rider-still not sure how that is going to go, but I'll see it nonetheless.

Stay Warm

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Toliet Bowl Pt.2....

Hi kids, you know what isn't fun? The flu. I haven't had it in about 20 yrs. However, my Honey woke up with it on Friday morning, and after having taken care of her, I wound up with it yesterday. Yuuuck. But enough of that gross talk. Let's review some good things. Goosemas deuce niner was excellent. Some good friends came over, played some wii Tennis for a while. Then they drove me downtown to our favorite watering hole. Some more dear friends were there to surprise me. Then things got crazy. You see kids, the Sabres (NHL team here in Buffalo) frequent our favorite watering hole, and as such we've gotten to know them socially. Soooo, once a certain goaltender whose name is shared with a major beer company, and some other assorted players (Russian, Canadian, and well I guess that's about it when referring to Hockey) found out it was Goosemas, the drinking began in earnest. Needless to say, the streak of getting, "all tore up with the Sabres everytime they see us" continued. To all who care, they are the most down-to-earth professional athletes I've ever met. They're very nondescript, in fact many people didn't recognize them and there was no swarming to speak of. All in all, it was a good Goosemas.

-In other news, some movie reviews:

Snakes on a Plane-I thounght it would be at least campy fun, but no, it's horrible.
Iron Monkey-Awesome, just flat out fun.
Sahara-enhhh, the movie that I thought would have been a fun treasure seeker, turned into crap.
The Last Kiss-Not good, not bad, just blah.
The Illusionist-After speaking to a good friend about it, who didn't like it very much, it should come as no surprise to her that I did! ;) Paul Giamatti is phenomenal, what a good actor. While I must say I do not think it was as good as The Prestige, I liked the movie quite a bit.
Crank- What a thrill ride!! I like action movies, but this was something else. The filmmaker came up with a great premise for a action flick, and then wove that into every facet possible throughout this film. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The Toilet Bowl...

Kids, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of having to "wait until next year". I haven't seen a complete ND team since 1993. ND's defense last night was the equivalent of Keystone Cops. And don't even start in on Brady Quinn not being able to win the big one, or any other crap like that. He's a phenomenal quaterback, but he's just one man, not a whole team. Marino, Tarkenton, Fouts, they never 'won the big one', but are recgonized as being great as well. I keep hope alive for next year, and those that follow, but don't expect big things until at least 2008. We'll see...

-In other news, the 29th Goosemas in ordinary time is this Saturday. I will be imbibing with some friends at this watering hole I know downtown. It should be a good time for any and all who would like to partake. A lot of folks keep recoiling with near horror when they first hear that I'll be turning the big deuce niner, telling me to , "Live it Up, because next year it all changes." Ummm what? A.) people are living longer these days, the life expectancy hasn't been 55 for a few centuries. B.) Age is only a number to me, nothing more, nothing less. Aside from being far more learned in a variety of things and thus morphing gradually into a Renaissance Man, in my mind and at heart, I'm still around 12. I love gaming, comics, and playing around just as much as I ever did. Hasn't changed yet, so to all ye who dread the big 3-0, I'm sorry, but hey if you're lucky you haven't even lived half your life yet!

-Also in other news, some quick movie revews:

Miami Vice-entertaining, good, not great, not bad, but a popcorn film at its finest.
Descent-predictable, a little freaky, but overall not too great.
The Punisher-would have been better had Travolta not been in it, but not as utterly horrible as Daredevil
Fearless-Jet Li saved the best for last. A very good martial arts film.
Wizards-Ralph Bashki and rotoscoping, two things that belong together. Trippy as hell, but a must see.

-Oh yeah and if you haven't seen the trailer for fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer go to You Tube and check it out. I can't wait to see it!

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