Sunday, October 29, 2006

But where's all the rum?

Ahoy kids! I'm back from Halloween weekend, and boy was that a splash. If you haven't heard by now, I dressed as Capt. Jack Sparrow and well let's just say the rogue got many a nod and wink. I updated the costume from 3 yrs. ago with some bits picked up from this year's sequel film, and there wasn't anyone who failed to recognize the costume. There were however many who failed to recognize me, including my wife, parents, and some friends. That I can only hold as the highest compliment of the effectiveness of my costume! Now on to planning for next year...

-In other news, the Irish won again, but the pagan trojans from USC blew it, and so the end of the year match-up probably won't be as big of a game for ND, as I previously hoped it would. Oh well. Honey and I went to a wonderful wedding on Saturday for our dear friends Kim and Roman (congrats you crazy kids!) Today, we went to a 3rd birthday party for Honey's God-daughter, that drained me. I just finished carving up pumpkins while watching my favorite Peanuts' Holiday Special. The seeds are roasting and all is well...

*By the way and before I forget, I learned today that some illustrious school districts in Western NY refuse to refer to Halloween by name, but rather force the students to call it, "fall festival". These same powers that be also refuse to allow the children to dress-up etc... My response, "Do your job and education students. This cannot be done by shutting them out of millenia old traditions."

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Thrills, chills, and spills...

Ok kids we have a lot to discuss so let's get crackin'. First, Last night's ND-UCLA game was a heart-pounding affair. Down by 4, 80 yards away, no time outs and 1:02 on the clock, young Brady Quinn did it again. Three passes and a game-winning touchdown later, yours truly is jumping around his condo screeming at the heavens and hailing the Fighting Irish's improbable victory. Whew!

-I believe the Sabres will not lose this year. That's right 82-0 in the regular season and then an undefeated cup run. Care to say I'm wrong? In all likelihood I am, but the way they look it doesn't seem so. The Sabres are just everywhere on the ice, and by everywhere, I truly mean everywhere. They have a speed and grace about them that makes other teams look as though they're skating in syrup. Therefore, I proclaim this the season of no losses!

-In other news, we have some movie reviews:

Walk the Line- Absolutely one of the best movies I've seen in a long time. I must temper my assesment by saying that I've been a Johnny Cash fan for quite some time, and I think that may have helped a little in my estimation of this film. This is a romantic film that guys can actually watch and not want to empty an AK-47 into their head. I found Reese to be amazing, and Joaquin, I have no idea how they hell they chose Hoffman over you, because your Man in Black was good, scary good. Furthermore, how did that p.o.s., cliched, Crash ever beat out this film at last year's Academy Awards? Ah well another time, another argument.

The Omen- I love the original and I thought this film was no less terrifying. It's a virtual shot by shot remake, and it does well. No problems with Liev Schreiber, Mia Farrow, and Michael Gambon, but Mrs. Thorn should maybe have been recast as I thought Julia Stiles a little unbelieveable in the role, but all in all scary as hell. (pardon the pun)

American Dreamz- I should never have even put this film in the player. Don't go near it, despite the "Laugh out Loud funny" review quotes on the box.

I also went to the show Saturday night to see The Prestige. Absolutely amazing! The concept, production, acting, story and everything else in between. There is not one thing about this movie that I didn't like. Brilliant! Bonus points to anyone who can actually guess the ending totally correct. My good friend Sean and I went, and we got most of it before hand, but the final twist is absolutely jaw-dropping.

Well that's all, now onward to final costume assembly, and Halloween!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Outlined against a blue-grey October sky...

Yes boys and girls, the Irish take to the field again this Saturday, after a week off. Their opponent, UCLA, has had some struggles, but I don't expect them to come out without any enthusiasm. On the other hand, I am quite sure that Weis and Co. have had ample time to rest, develop a game plan, and stir themselves into a frenzy that will be more than a match for the zeal of the Bruins. We shall see...

-In other news, All Hallows' Eve is rapidly approaching, and the costume is nearly completed. I cannot wait to flaunt my creation. It's no "Project Runway" piece, but in this humble author's opinion it is one damn fine costume. I look forward to the weekend's fun-filled activities. Tomorrow I'm going to cash in on some of my Rewards points at Blockbuster and rent Justice League Heroes, and probably some movie that catches my eye. Saturday after the Irish game, my good friend Sean and I are going to either watch Flags of our Fathers or The Prestige. Following that we have a long evening of video gaming on his new 50 inch Sony widescreen HDTV. Stay tuned for a bevy of reviews in the days to come.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


Kids, no I don't fear the number 13, but I'll bet there are thousands in Western NY that do now...In case you live under a rock, or have been spending time in some wooded hermitage far from any semblance of civilization, you know of the Friday 13th snow surprise we here in WNY experienced. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who've suffered any kind of loss due to this freak storm that dumped 2 feet of snow on my beautiful Oct. landscape. We made out ok, just had one day of power loss, and a flooded basement. However, the basement problem was solved quickly as I MacGuyvered up a contraption to function as a quasi-sump-pump. News flash to all who may have suffered a similar fate. I procured a simple $20 bilge pump, a boat battery, some jumper cables, and a cut section of my garden hose. For future reference, connect the hose from your bilge pump and run it to your basement utility tube. Then use the jumper cables to connect the bilge pump to the battery and drop the pump into the hole in your basement. (obviosuly taking care to not get the connections wet) Viola, at 500 gallons of water per hour this pump will keep your basement from flooding, and prevent any annoying clean up/property damage.
Unfortunately, I couldn't come up with anything to save the flora of my neighborhood and I am most upset about the destruction of every tree that lined my street. Going out Friday morning was an adventure to say the least. I have never seen such destruction in this area in my 28 yrs. All of the once beautiful maples, oaks, etc... that lined my street were bifurcated, in some cases all the way down to the ground. Hopefully they'll survive and in time grow back to their former glory.

-I other news, well there really isn't any other news of note this weekend. Honey and I are safe, and sound, and warm. The fish survived for the most part, though one is currently doing the "I'm gonna die soon dance" by himself in the corner. However, a loss of one is not so bad. I hope all get their power soon, and stay warm Buffalo.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

All-Star Music Revue...

Ok kids, well maybe it's more like "review" instead of "revue" but hey that's all I'm good for. Today I shall opine on one of my favorite groups' latest efforts. I recently got The Killers' sophomore release, Sam's Town. It's good, different sounding and not terribly reminisent of their first go around, Hot Fuss. This time Brandon and co. have a more soulful sound. It's an exploration into what they can do, Saxophones, horn sections, strings, and electric guitar overlays feature more prominently here than synthed up rhythms. That's not to say that I didn't like Hot Fuss, on the contrary, I hold it to be one of my favorite albums. Sam's Town, is just different, and that's both good and bad. On the one hand, I like the new sound, I appreciate that the band tried something new. However, I do miss the excitement from nearly every track of their original album. All in all I recommend it. Honey is going to see them next friday in Toronto with her cousin, so I'll let you know what her take is on the tracks as they are performed live. I doubt it'll be much different from her views on the album. (which by the by are no so good)

-In other news,
I love YouTube and all that it stands for.
I offer my sympathies to the Lidle family and my beloved NY Yankees. Corey's death is a tragedy.
N. Korea stating that sanctions are an overt act of war, is absolutely fantastic, can't wait to see how this whole thing is going to turn out.

Monday, October 09, 2006

it's been awhile...

Hey kids, I'm back. Well let's get started shall we. Cheer Cheer for Ol' Notre Dame, and her reinstallment back into the top ten! Hopefully we'll keep climbing.

Honey and I have been getting our costumes for All Hallow's Eve ready a little early. The reason, you ask? Well, we're volunteering this saturday at "Boo at the Zoo". It's a gala at the Buffalo Zoo where little kids come and we give them candy, wealk around the zoo, watch "The Great Pumpkin" and generally enjoy the festivities. I'm especially looking forward to it because my 3 yr. old nephew will be coming and I'll be damned if he isn't the cutest kid I know. (ok, ok you got me, there's also a costume contest, and well... I'm determined to win)

-In other news, I watched Heroes tonight and I like it, it's not great, but few TV shows are. However, it is entertaining and so that's what counts.

Now for the Quick movie recap:

-The Passion of the Christ-Possibly the most powerful visuals I've ever seen on film. An absolutely stunning movie in every sense of the word. I waited for quite some time because as a Catholic and believer in Christ, I didn't know how such a graphic portrayal would effect me. I have never seen a beating like that ever, real, celluloid, whatever, it was surreal. yeeesh. All in all, I think it is a must see. Oh and before you ask, speaking objectively, there were no anti-semitic overtones inherent within this film.

-Thank You For Smoking- A film about a fictional Tobacco company lobbyist (read: spin doctor), not really all that spectacular, in fact, I thought it quite blah, for lack of a better description.

-X-Men3: The Last Stand Now as I related to you all in the past, I thought this film was fun, entertaining, and enjoyed it. I watched it again just to make sure I wasn't overly giddy the first time. (and well because the X-Men are my favorite superheroes) Turns out that even though they didn't play up the Phoenix saga well, (or give Famke enough to work with in the role for that matter) I still felt the same way about it.

Oh and before I forget, how many of you out there are sleeping just a little more sound in the comforting knowledge that North Korea, and it's goose-stepping, moronic military have apparently tested nuclear weapons?

Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's finally here!

Kids, it's here! October is here. It's my favorite month of the year. It's the time for cool weather, crisp smells of fires, leaves, and the air in general. Dark beers, college football in full swing and of course my favorite holiday of the year: All Hallow's Eve. This year I am determined to win a costume contest and so have decided to reprise a costume from a few years back, with a few subtle changes. Here's hopin'.

Congrats to the Irish for finally putting together a consistent performance and defeating Purdue yesterday. Things could get interesting if they go the distance and have a record of 11-1 by year's end.

-In other news, here's some movie reviews in typical A.R. shortform (The first 2 are older, but I hadn't seen them yet, and the last just got released on DVD)

Hellboy-enh. Ok, story was a little lame, characters not altogether that captivating, still... not terrible, just not that good.

Van Helsing- Wow where to begin. Beckinsale should've stayed focused on her other paranormal series Underworld, then maybe the second film wouldn't have been as asstacular as it was. Hugh Jackman tries, but can only work with what he's given, the monster looked like Frankenberry only grey and not pink, and believe it or not David Wenham was the only bright spot for me in the whole film.

Beowulf and Grendel- Hmmm, visually this movie is amazing. Storywise and acting, no so much. Gerard Butler does a decent job as the Norse hero from Geatland, and Stellan Skarsgaard is a believable King Hrothgar of the Danes, but Sarah Polley could have been replaced by someone else more capable, and Grendel isn't all that spectacular. The story itself strays from the ancient Anglo-Saxon poem, but this is a film maker's interpretation used for entertainment purposes, not to give a historical literature lesson, so I'm ok with that. Worth a rental perhaps but only if you know the story, and found it at least mildly interesting.

* Finally I heard some great news, guess who Jon Favreau cast as Tony Stark in his upcoming Ironman??? Give up? Robert Downey Jr. Why do I love that choice so much? Because, who better to play a brilliant, wealthy man battling addiction demons, then.... well... a brilliant, wealthy actor battling addiction demons. Looking forward to this one.

**Just saw a trailer for Clint Eastwood's new production due out on Oct. 20 entitled Flags of our Fathers I guess it is the American viewpoint of Iwo Jima. In a few months Clint will release the sister film showing the same battle from the Japanese standpoint. I'm interested in the first one, but I'm not too sure how many will be interested in the second. We shall see...

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