Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ah Venice!

Hey kids, well Honey and I made it to Venice. It was a fun train ride especially when we pulled into the station at Venice and I realized I left the folder with my birth certificate and our flight info. on the desk in our room in Florence. Yeah...Awesome...No worries though, I feel confident the Carabinieri are open to denominational gifts. (in reality, I luckily have my passport, and we had our agent fax the Venice hotel voucher and flight info over to us, Thanks Jill!!!) This city is fun, but it reminds me of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" (not the excellent film, rather the excellent ride) Here's the deal, there are no streets per se, just pedestrian alleys and canals. Along the walkways are old buildings, with shutters, dark narrow corridors, stray animals, drunken piratesque characters and sometimes even passed out gypsies. It's just a little spooky. At least during the height of the business hours the alleys and canals are bustling with "normal" folk. We went shopping today and yesterday, and Thank God I was looking for a carnevale mask and some Murano glass, because that's just what 94.7% of the stores in Venice carry. (The other seven stores are: a Diesel, a Miss Sixty, Gucci, Valentino, D&G, Prada, Versace) In all jest, it is a fun time, and we can't wait to go on our Gondola ride tomorrow evening under the Ponte Sospiro. We'll be home way to soon:(

-In other news, the Italia/US game was horrible, bad own goal by Zaccardo, (whom by the by is scheduled to be shot here!) bad officiating, and overall slow tempo for most of the game, until the second half of the second half when the azzurri woke up. It's great to watch the cup here though because it is all over the news, everyone knows what is going on, and the fans are so vibrant, very, very cool. Even Honey is getting into it! She's watching England v. Sweden as I type to you! Well that's all from here, Forza Italia!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Ciao Roma! Buongiorno Firenze!!

Hello kids, well Honey and I just finished up our days in Roma this eveing. Yesterday we walked theImperial Forum, filmed Trajan's column, all of the famous statues of the Caesar's (julius, augustus, trajan, and nerva) went inside the colosseum, went to the arch of constantine, the arch of septimius severus, up palatine hill, and then went shopping! Today we went to the vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, where Michelangelo's art blew me away, and then to St. Peter's Basilica. It is without a doubt the single most beautiful building I have ever seen, and will ever see. We filmed the tombs of the popes underneath including John Paul II and St. Peter himself. Wednesday was the Catholic Holy Day of Corpus Deo, so we actually got to see and hear Pope Benedict XVI give mass in St. Peter's square. It was kind of like an uber audience if you will. Tomorrow morning we leave for Florence, and though I am excited I will be sad to leave the eternal city. It is so far my favorite of all the cities I've ever been to! Until then Ciao!!

Oh and tomorrow Italia plays the US, so for the only thing on earth I root for the non-home side I say Forza Italia!! The Azzurri looked damn good in their opening match against Ghana, and the US looked no so good. But, we'll have to see what tomorrow brings. Ciao.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

On An Evening in Roma!!

Hey kids, well Honey and I did it! We were married this past Saturday on what heretofor can be known as the most perfect day of my life. From the weather, to the ceremony, to the reception, I could not have asked for anything better. Currently, I am writing to you from our hotel in the Citta Eternal. That is correct, we are in Roma!! It is fantastic. We got in pretty late, then took a nap, walked through St. Peter's square, gawked at the Basilica(the most beuatiful building I have ever seen) then ate at this lovely outdoor trattoria, had some gelato, walked the streets at night partaking in some shopping, etc... and now we are about to get some shut eye in preparation for our big day tomorrow of shopping at the Spanish Steps, viewing Trevi fountain, and marvelling at Agrippa's Pantheon. Then we have the Vatican, and then the ancient city. Until then, Ciao!! If I have access later on in the trip I'll try to update, otherwise expect a full report upon our return!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

A Dry Run...

Hi kids, well tonight was the rehersal and subsequent dinner, and things could not have gone better. I have to tell you that I'll be on hiatus for a while, as I have a prior engagement on Saturday, and then I'm leaving for Italia for about 2 weeks. When next we speak, if all goes well, I'll be a married man newly returned from God's country and my private audience with Ben;) As an added bonus I am beyond ecstatic that I will be in the Old Country during Italy's chase for the World Cup. Gee I wonder if there will be much celebrating? Forza Italia '06!! Until then, I bid you and my life as a bachelor a fond Ciao!

Friday, June 02, 2006

X-Men: the Lost episode...

I'm the Juggernaut Bitch!

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