Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Olive branch bearers??? Riiiiiight...

Hey kids, here are a couple of quick stories I found interesting this past week. First up, let's discuss the peaceful nature of Islam and its practices, by examining the case of the Afghan Apostate. This gentleman converted from Islam to Christianity and A:) there is a legal penalty against such an act. (not only in Afghanistan but in numerous other Islamic nations) B:) The punishment for that offense is decapitation. (as declared by Muslim law) add all of that together with the mass riots in Afghanistan (and elsewhere in the Middle East) where muslims chanted "Kill the Christians" and riddle me this: where is the gentle nature of Islam??? Please... Once again, with a chance to show the world how they can be as truly benevolent as they claim, Muslims drop the ball.
Yet another news story this week that caused me more than a bit of distress: A 250 year old tortoise, claimed to be the eldest living animal in the world passed away this past week. Now I know it's "just a turtle", but this particular turtle happened tospend its early life as the pet of Robert Lord Clive. For many of you who do not know who that is, he pretty much was the fine fellow who was responsible for providing the British Crown with its "jewel" India. Yes that's right, this creature saw the addition of India as part of the British Empire, the French and Indian War, The American Revolution, French Revolution, rise and fall of napoleon, the Civil War, Industrial Revolution, survived through all of the terms of the Presidents of the United States, outlasted the reign of Victoria, saw the rise of the telephone, electricity, penicillin, the automobile, airplane, the Russian Revolution, both World Wars, the independence of India, Man on the moon, the fall of Eastern European Communism, the internet and the advent of the technology age, and finally the new millenium. As a historian that was mind-boggling to me, and so I couldn't help but feel a bit of remorse at the death of this creature.

-In other news, It's supposed to approach near 70 this weekend, so I expect to see the bar-going womenfolk downtown in thong bikinis, as the dead of winter seemed to have been warm enough to wear tube tops and sandals.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Hello kids,

Sorry it's been so long, I've been going through some corporate conference/system reviews this week and will have to do so again next week. So what's new you may ask? Nada...really nothing exciting. Wedding plans have been completed for quite some time now(just minor administrative things left). Honey is excited that the first of her showers is approaching in a few weeks. We're almost finished with the restyling project at the abode. Hmmmm what else??? Oh I know...I had an anime hunger last weekend and fulfilled it by watching Miyazaki-san's masterpieces. I must say the animation is great, the stories are just too wild though. (We liked Howl's Moving Castle better than Spirited Away) I made a fresh kettle of sauce this past Sunday, with homemade meatballs of course. Now mind you I've been doing this for quite some time, but have yet to find a way to clone "Mama Goose's" (Most unfortunate indeed). However, Sunday's batch came so close I shocked myself. One prob...I don't know how I did it...See "homemade" Italian cooking, involves no written instructions or measurable quantities. It's all based on repetition, taste, dashes, pinches, and love of the art. Great for eating the creations, rough for remembering how the hell you made them. Now don't fret, I have a good idea vis-a-vie my use of the trial and error methods of the past few years. Thus, I know roughly what I did last weekend, now it's on to improving that. Here's hopin'...

-Oh and a big thank you to Alex and Greggor for recommending the XMen 2 video game. What a delightfully new addiction I've discovered, much to Honey's chagrin. (The teleporting of Nightcrawler is "fantastik!")

Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Holiday...

Hey kids, first a quick preface about last night's Sopranos episode. I must say that the "family" is definitely the biggest bunch of scumbags that shame my Italian heritage, but damn if they aren't lovable. Between Paulie Walnuts' "Hey Van Helsing" line and Christopher's towl-head references, I thought I'd pee my spleen laughing. I thought it to be a very gripping episode, all joking aside, and I absolutely cannot wait to see how this gem of a season turns out.

-In other news apparently today is a holiday. Personally, I laughed when I first heard about it. I was amused at the ridiculous notion that some group of beater-wearing, "Hungry-man" eating, Bud-drinking men thought this was needed. In my opinion if you have found a girl in this day and age that hasn't partaken in either of the named activities of this "holiday", then my friend she is more rare than a black hockey player. Furthermore, if you need a "holiday" as an excuse to goad a loved one in order to enjoy these activities, you my friend must be doing something terribly wrong. In any event, we do find the "holiday" quite amusing and wish a hearty "Good-night and Good Luck" to all men out there this evening.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patrick's Day...

Hey kids, Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Yes that's right it is St. Patrick's Day. As we said a month ago, we find it ever-so curious that there isn't an uproar about symbols of shamrocks in schools, public offices, etc... especially due to the fact that the 3 leaves were alleged to have been used by the Roman St. Patrick to explain to the peoples of Eire the concept of the Holy Trinity.... Ah hypocrisy at it's finest. So to the secularists I say a hearty "Pshaw and get over yourselves."

-In other news, Honey and I watched American Inventor last night. This show is created by American Idol people, and it's the same basic concept only it involves individuals that have developed inventions. Brilliantly hilarious, we laughed our tails off for 2 hours!!

Have a safe weekend and we'll visit with you all next week after the Guinness haze has dissipated.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Molto Bene...

Hi kids, Well all seems right with the world due to the triumphant return of Tony & Co. An excellent way to start the final season... Could the big man have fallen into shadow? Or will he come to an awakening of his morally bankrupt lifestyle? Stay tuned... Like the multitudes, I am such a big fan of The Sopranos I could barely wait for this premiere and now I'm on pins and needles until next week to see what happened! Also, I think it bears sufficient notice that Paulie Wanuts' hair color is even more dichotomous than normal. Much like Rocky Baboa's stupidity I think the stark contrast of his coif ebbs and flows throughout the progressive seasons. Currently I'd say we're at the Rocky 5 stage, where the dark hair is REALLY dark and the white is alabaster to the nth degree. (Much like Balboa's mental prowess hit an over-dramatized alltime low in the now pen-ultimate installment of that aging franchise)

-In other news, I finally watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the other evening and I thought it was brilliant. I still mourn the loss of Richard Harris, and have not fully warmed up to the "new" Dumbledore. However, in light of the effect this latest chapter has had on me (that being I thoroghly enjoyed it) and after much prodding by friends and family, I have decided that I am actually going to sit down and read these books to find out what the heck is going on. I look forward to it. My 8millionth reread of LoTR will have to be put on hold, but not a problem as I kinda know how that one turns out by now!

P.S. How great does that new show American Inventor look? I think it is going to be hilarious, and we'll have it on PIP while The OC is on this Thurs.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We've had one breakfast, yes...

Hey kids, a co-worker and I had an interesting discussion today at The White Tower. If calories, grams of fat, etc... were not an issue, what would be the ultimate Buffalo food day (that is a day of eating uniquely Buffalonian cuisine)?? We made a go of it:

Breakfast: Original Pancake House-pancakes, sausages, eggs.

Elevensies (we had to go Hobbit for this, there was just too much food): Mighty Taco-pretty much anything

Lunch: Anchor Bar wings, and a Mineo & Sapio Sausage sandwich washed down with Loganberry

Dinner: Schwable's Beef on Weck, Just Pizza NY style, and some Canal St. Oatmeal Stout courtesy of Pearl St. Grill and Brewery.

Dessert: Coldstone Creamery- Birthday Cake Remix or... Anderson's custard.

Then, like an alpha male lion I would flop down, belly distended, and sleep for 20 hours not needing to eat again until April. Anybody else have an idea on the perfect zero-guilt Buffalo eating day??

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar the grouch...

Hey kids, like millions of others, Honey and I tuned in for the gala that was the 78th Academy Awards last night. Overall I must say it was a very crappy telecast. Jon Stewart just didn't have "it" and compounded that failure by trying too hard to find "it". In fact the highlight of the show for me was Ferrell and Carrell and then Jack Nicholson, who still is the reigning Hollywood king. As for the awards themselves, I think most everything was right, except that I was pulling for Giamatti for supporting actor, not that bobblehead Pinnochio known as George. The best picture was a complete sham, and the product of a film company's marketing prowess. As mentioned in our film review posted a few months ago, we didn't drink the Kool-Aid on Crash. Without regurgitating our views on that steaming pile of sh*!, I think it is safe to say that this is another one of those "Best Picture" gaffes that will be soon be forgotten in the annals of moviedom. (right up there with The Greatest Show on Earth winning instead of High Noon) Then again I wasn't thrilled with any of the choices for "Best Picture" I rather would have seen Walk the Line or Cinderella Man nominated. But hey them's the brakes.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I still here El Guapo...

Hola kids, sorry it's been so long. I am still here, just too tired to post everyday as in times of yore. I also have been distracted by my newest game, LotR The Battle for Middle Earth 2. It's much like its predeccesor, though it follows the little known War in the North. The gameplay is a little different. I have been partial to the Elves (as I've been since I was a child) and the Mirkwood archers are quite amazing indeed. Glorfindel, Thranduil, and all the rest are in the game. It has good points and bad, but there is something amazing to see when elves lead the attack on the GIGANTIC Dol Goldur.

-In other news, I've just taken a lenten dinner break of cheese pizza, and was watching Sir Paul McCartney and his wife, discussing the problem in Canada of Seal hunting, complete with actual footage of the clubbing etc...Now I'm not a hunter, never have been, never will be. There's something a little too ridiculous about the whole affair for me. I don't find it much of a skill to go out with a high-powered rifle, point it at an animal and pull a trigger from 500 yrds away. Some people who actually use the animals for food etc... I can respect, but the strict "sportsmen" seem to have an inferiority complex that only sniping a whitetail or turkey can assuage. Whatever. With direct respect to the seal hunting issue, I know that those suckers are incredibly speedy on land and all, but to walk around from one to the next and bludgeon them to death, (many only 1 month old) seems to me to be rather barbaric. Absurdly, the Canadian official comes on right after this footage and defends his standpont that the hunting of seals is in fact, not inhumane. Riiight... Oh Canada!

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