Tuesday, February 28, 2006

another addition to The Others

Hey kids, apparently the Rebalancing has inspired. A good friend of mine recently perused our humble site and has actually lost a few pounds due to continuous laughter (which should make him feel better about looking down!) At any rate he has set up shop here in cyberville and can be found by clicking on the new link (with the rest of "The Others") Welcome aboard, and we're looking forward ever so much to you first post about your Mardi Gras experience. Oh and by the way we do hope it involves you going out to get some strange @$$.

-In other news, I have recently developed a deep seeded hatred for the wind. On a warm day a calm breeze is welcome, but on my walk to and from The White Tower every morning, afternoon, and evening it is chilling to say the least. Please stop. We thank you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Kids, I found this website known as Gizoogle.com and well we ran the Rebalancing through it and came out with thizzle . I laughed out loud and then wept for those in America that actually think this is a plausible language. (Hello Cailfornia!) So to all my chidrens who need a tranziliation of the Rebalancing into that graceful language known as ebonics, enjoy the link. (Gizoogling CNN is amusing as well!)

-In other news, the Queen Mary made it!!! Our nerves have been abated for now, hopefully she'll reign for a while longer.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

God Save the Queen...

Hi kids, we're keeping our fingers crossed for the Queen Mary (the moniker we have given our car) She is going through a rough time right now and we're hoping that she comes out in one piece. She's been good to us, but we must have her ready to be 'fixed up'. That way we can have her for the winter months and our pony for the summer months. If she doesn't make it, we probably will not be able to lasso our pony due to its relative ineffectiveness in the snow. Thus, we'd have to choose a more practical year round auto and that would be most dissapointing. So everyone if you believe, clap your hands. (I have no idea how that fits, but hey maybe it'll help)

-In other news, we are ecstatic that the US curling team is gunning for the bronze, but have been held captive by the aura that is women's figure skating. Also, on the film front we have good news!! Honey has actually decided to go see V for Vendetta and we are most thrilled with that. Hugo Weaving behind the mask should be interesting indeed...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Wesa goin' home!!!

Kids, We did it. Honey and I booked our airfare and hotels today and are all set for our Honeymoon Tour De Force in Italia. Roma, Firenze, Venice here we come!! It should be an eye-opening 10 day jaunt to say the least. An added bonus will be the World Cup which will be taking place while we are there. Now I know Italy is somewhat of a soccer playing nation so I would expect the mood to be slightly more than subdued throughout the land. All in all we are both very excited and cannot wait!!

-In other news, I did purchase Empire at War on Friday. I must say it is a fantastic game, but has a bit of a learning curve. More news later, I have to go back to saving the galaxy now.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

my 2 pennies...

Kids, I guess I should state the official Rebalancing for the whole Muslim cartoon thing. Ok here goes:
Thing 1.) it's the artist's and newspaper's right to publish what they will in a society that has a free press. (apparently that idea is a foregin concept to many Muslims) So my point is, is it really newsworthy and soooo important to protest over someone's cartoons??
Thing 2.) Lot's of pictures, and words are published about a myriad of topics some religious, some political, some ethnic etc... that not everyone agrees with, but that doesn't mean worldwide, violent-ridden riots should be started, because quite frankly that won't prevent anyone living in a free-press society from halting what they're doing.
Thing 3.) correlating with what thing 2 says, we believe that all who are protesting should get over yourselves. We are fervent in our Catholic beliefs but we didn't feel the need to riot over the scores of pictures that were published about the abuse scandals within the priesthood, nor did anyone else, that we can recall. It was a wrong that was written about and that is that. We did not like all of the negative exposure the Church of Rome and the faith received, but it is the right of those to publish what they wish. So be it.
The bottom line is if you don't like the association of terrorism with the Islamic faith, lead worldwide efforts condeming those within your faith from acting like animals as responsible and devout Muslims should be doing. Maybe that would show the rest of us your sincerity to live with other religions and cultures in a peaceful way.
We will say no more of this.

-In other news, I am facing a video game dilemma. Star Wars: Empire at War was released today, but reviews were not spectacular. So I have decided to wait and use my gift certificate that a dear friend gave me for Goosemas and use it on Battle For Middle Earth 2. Although... it is a Star Wars game, how bad could it be??? (Please don't mention the debacle that was Force Commander) I'll figure it out eventually.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy St. Valentine's Day...

Kids, ever notice how it's really St. Valentine's Day and yet there is never any type of protest or calamity over that fact (as in the great Christmas War)?? Just something to ponder. It'll be revisted next month on St. Patrick's Day as well. For this day Honey and I are going to a low key restaurant, exchanging small gifts, and just enjoying each other's company. St. Valentine's Day is not a huge deal with us, due to the fact that we do romantic dates and whatnot throughout the year on a regular basis anyway. Still I had to hedge my bets, so I picked up an extra present and have conceded to a night of sappy movie watching...

Sunday, February 12, 2006


Kids, Honey and I went to the auto show today, and lo and behold I was startled to find Mr. Shelby's newest work of art. Yes kids the crowd around the spinning dais was roughly five deep, longingly gazing starry-eyed at the 2007 Shelby GT 500. A while back I listed it on a post discussing new design cues that have a retro feel. I even put the 1967 version up as my 2nd favorite car of all time. That has all changed. Though I won't be able to afford the marked up $50-60K price tag at this point in time, I have set my eyes on getting one in the future. I still love the Mustang GT and that is a heck of an automobile(one that I still have my eyes on for the near future), but the Shelby, oh the Shelby. It has now been burned into my retinas, and has become my 2nd fav. automobile, behind only the Ferrari F430 Spider. It outshone all of it's competitors by far (Corvette and Viper are naught but a WT dream). With 475 Supercharged horses under the hood, this snake is sure to bite hard. It was stunningly beautiful in person, the picture does it little to no justice. Well I better head off to get my mega millions tickets, and my Win For Life Spectacular scratch off. Here's hopin'!!!

-In other news, it really isn't fair that they put Lexus, Jaguar, BMW, Infiniti and Acura in the same room as Mercedes-Benz. The SLK, CLS, and brand new S class, are just so pretty, and so far ahead of anybody else, it's laughable. Also God Bless Porsche and the designers in that lovely firm for developing the Cayman S, what a visual treat. Ok time to go back to Shelby dreamland, where snakes really aren't anything to fear (unless your GM, Nissan, and just about anyone else hoping to compete!)

Saturday, February 11, 2006

peppermint swirls...

Hi kids, just some quick news about your favorite Rebalancer's favorite musical group. Apparently for all you Simpsons fans out there, Jack and Meg will be the special guests on an episode this fall entitled "Jazzy and the Pussycats" wherein Bart will learn that he is a virtuoso on the drums and a funny parody of the video for "The Hardest Button to Button" will be played out, followed by interaction between Jack and Meg and the residents of Springfield. I'll definitely stay tuned. Also, Congrats go out to Meg for her newest occupation as the model for Marc Jacobs, and stay tuned for Jack's side project The Raconteurs. Their single has already debuted in the UK and the album is set to launch this May. With 2 lead guitars and no true rhythm sound, it should be yet another revolution in rock n' roll. We are beyond excited! Check out their initial tunes here. From the sound of it, this album will be incredible.

-In other news, as we all know by now the Olympics have started in Torino {located in the northern Piedmont region of "God's Country" ;) } and the U.S. is expected to win a staggering amount of medals. Personally, I love the winter games much more than the summer. I know Honey will take a break from her repainting of the apt. project to watch figure skating. I myself will be tuned in for Curling, the Skeleton, Downhill and Freestyle skiing (and snowboarding) and probably Hockey. I must say that our own Bode Miller, skiing extraordinaire, has the right idea. I mean, screw the performance enhancing drugs, they just ruin competition. However, how cool would it be to have the athletes train like Miller? Everyone take a few pulls from a bottle of JD and then see how you: ski-jump, skeleton, figure skate, etc... That would make for one helluva reality TV show.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

All Apologies...

Kids, we feel we must once again go over the meaning of our title. Automatic Rebalancing, in this context, refers to the fact that we here feel as though sometimes there are certain topics/people/ etc... that just have to be looked at from a more realistic point of view. Due to a most wonderful 'anonymous' comment to yesterday's post, we now have had to resort to follow up comments to explain what our initial posts are actually about. (That is most taxing for us, so do try to thoroughly understand our initial posts before responding. We would be extremely grateful.) We are regretfully sorry that we've had to resort to this. In the future we can only hope to strive toward our continuing goal of having our initial Rebalancings clearly understood and commented intelligently by all, no matter who they may be;)

-In other news, A BIG THANK YOU TO KT for her wonderful, congratulatory words!! (P.S. I tried to call you initially to tell you the news and even left a mssg b/c I think you were at work tending oiled beavers and dirty coots!!)

-Watching the snow come over the lake from the window at work becomes a very frightful experience. It is almost like watching an inevitable 'frost-bomb' descend upon you, and there is nothing you can do about it... Brrrrrrr

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

meetings and forms...

Kids I'm sorry we haven't kept in touch. So far the new gig is working out brilliantly, there's a lot of meetings, and a lot of forms to fill out(much like the aliens in Hitchhiker's Guide). I think the coolest part of job so far is the fact that my branch (the tower) is a headquarters and as such I have a lot of international clients. UK, India, Australia, Europe, etc...you name it I've got 'em. Very cool to be able to deal with and learn about people from all of these different cultures. Also, with so many people hustling and bustling about, I people-watch through my window quite a bit (the tint works well, not that I'm making faces or anything).

-In other news, I was speaking to a close friend the other night who also works with people on a daily basis in her career and we couldn't help but compare personalities of those we've met. Our favorite to date, are the pseudo-sophisticates that come from meager backgrounds, have started making a few dollars and now think they are God's Gift to Planet Earth. Their general demeanor and attitudes toward others (especially women if the individual is a man) is filled with pretentious loathing. What I love the most though, is their vain attempts at trying to impress people by constantly discussing designers, restaurants, or luxury product makers and butchering the foreign pronunciations (ex: Bvlgari, Givenchy, Tag Heuer) All the while I find that I am giggling to myself, wondering if that person really thinks others truly will react with awe. Oh well, such is life, and at least it provides comedic relief to the workday.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Reporting for Duty...

Kids I assumed my new post today. It was the typical Corporate policy, and systems instructional day, so nothing cool to speak of yet (although I peeked at my office and the tinted glass is cool). I think it's going to be great there.

-In other news... Friday was the big 12 man, two-table poker tournament hosted by myself. I did not win, it was most unfortunate. Saturday was a relaxing day, and for the "Big Dud" last night, I went to Garv and Lisa's and had much more fun just hanging out with old friends as opposed to watching the horrible game between Teal and Yellow (as Johnny called them). I must say that I am glad the Steel Curtain fell upon Detroit. I just wish there had been some damn food at the party, I was starving when I left ;)

Friday, February 03, 2006

It's Alive!

Well kids I am currently typing on my new Frankenbox. The new parts were in fact delivered late yesterday afternoon, and B(not so)FJFY took a final stab at it. In the end, we have amazing success. The performance increase is insane. I put in some games particularly Rome Total War and promptly was dumbfounded at the way it now looks and runs. It is as though I was playing with CGI effects from a movie. That's how clear and fluid everything is! So, here are the memorable quotes from the final episode:

J: "Installing motherboards calls for more high octane booze" (holds out a bottle of Smirnoff)
G: "Great" (thinking to myself, "So this should work out well.")

J: (reading instruction manual aloud) "This motherboard has USB connectors... no sh@!"
G: "What wrong with the manual saying that?"
J: "It's like Ford saying, our newest car... now with wheels!!"
G: "Gotcha"

J: (after the vodka and finding himself with the wrong audio cord) "Whoever designed this should be fu#%ed by a wolf with a goat penis."
G: "WHA-HUH!?!"
J:"I don't know either but let's just curse, don't worry though just a minor problemo"
G: "Hate to see what a damn major problem would bring down"

J: "Well that's it, she works!!"
G:"Whoa I can see the individual links of armor, and count their eyelashes now...and..."
J: "OK time to go...c'mon...here we go...ok"

-In other news, Honey and I watched Cinderella Man the other night. What a fantastic film. We both enjoyed it thoroughly. Paul Giamatti was brilliant, the story, writing, scenery design, etc...etc... I think Hollywqood missed the boat horrendously failing to nominate this for Best Picture. I mean c'mon, Crash, Brokeback Mountain, and Munich!?!?! That's an overload of PC/en vogue themed films, even for the Academy. Oh well here's hoping next year is better.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Finally I'm in charge?? (well sort of)

Big news today kids...Your favorite Rebalancer has resigned his post at his place of employment (don't worry I'll always remain Pater Patriae) due to the fact that he was offered a VP position at a global corporation who happens to have headquarters downtown. Thus, it was a no brainer. I will always look fondly upon my time at my former place of employment and carry with me the lessons and training learned there into my new position. I am most looking forward to my nice, new leather chair...

-In other news, I finally found the retro, dark green, gilded numbered jersey Notre Dame brought back this past season when they confronted the heathens from USC. It is currently on its way to my doorstep, and I couldn't be happier!! Well I guess I could, like when I test-drove a "Pony GT' 2 days ago and watched my surroundings blur into long lines due to the speed. Hi-Ho Silver awaaaaay!!!

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