Friday, September 30, 2005

Do you want to??? Absolutely

Franz Ferdinand's new album will be released on Oct. 4. As I stated in a previous post, a work friend and I listened to a few songs on the way to the concert in TO 2 weeks ago. As a fan, I can say that with my initial listen I am beyond pleased with this sophmore release. However, I'll finally have my own copy of it today, which I can mollycoddle as I am oft wont to do with new albums until I have exhausted the hammer and anvil in my head. At that point, I'll let you all know what I think. "You Could Have It So Much Better"-well maybe I could, but with this album I think I'm going to feel just fine for quite some time.

*Pay attention kiddies, b/c in upcoming posts I'll be submitting a new "mix" cd I've been contemplating. I used to make them 2-3 times/year, especially when I was DJ-ing, but haven't in quite some time. I've gotten the bug back, and I've got some ideas for a new one, I'll post it on this site when I've finished. At that point, you let the reptiles in your mind wrap around it, and then post any questions, comments, concerns, or epiphanies so I can revise it.

* Go Irish...ND vs. Purdue tomorrow night on ESPN, should be a barn-burner.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

The truth shall make me laugh...

Here is a bevy of amusing articles for this week:

-The Continuing Crisis
From a Legal Notice of a Name Change in the Honolulu Advertiser, Aug. 24: from "Waiaulia Alohi anail ke alaamek kawaipi olanihenoheno Kam Paghmani" to "Waiaulia Alohi anail ke alaamek kawaipi olanihenoheno Kam." [Honolulu Advertiser, 8-24-05]
*Well it is easier to spell now.

-Fine Points of the Law
(1) Judge Jeffrey K. Sprecher of Berks County, Pa., dismissed charges against a man in August for buying beer for his underage neighbor, ruling that the prosecutor hadn't proved all of the elements of the crime. Specifically, said Sprecher, there was no evidence offered that Miller Genuine Draft is "beer." (Prosecutors usually submit a government-created listing of beers as proof but failed to do that)
*In reality they could have just called me, or BFJFY, or Czjachow, we are old friends of Miller products.

-Might Have Gone Too Far
In July, envelope-pushing strip club owner Howard White changed the main sign for his joint on Century Boulevard near Los Angeles International Airport from "Live Nude Nude Nudes" to "Vaginas R Us." Neighboring merchants immediately complained, but city officials said that "vagina" is simply not an obscene word. However, the city did cite White's sign for being made of illegal combustible vinyl. At press time, opponents of the sign were trying to encourage the Toys R Us company to force White to abandon the name as too similar to its own protected trademark. [Daily Breeze (Torrance, Calif.), 8-8-05]
*While the new name is more classy, the original is catchier.

-City Officials Who Know How to Make News of the Weird: Mayor Felipe Santolia of Espertantina, Brazil, declared last May 9 as "Orgasm Day," pointing out that orgasms seem to make people happier and more productive. And Mayor Gabor Mitynan of a municipal district in Budapest, Hungary, declared in August that female workers should not wear revealing skirts to work unless they have "completely perfect legs," nor crop tops unless they have "well-trained bellies." [ABC News-AP, 5-9-05] [Reuters, 8-26-05]
*Thing 1: I think we should adopt the ways of Espertantina here in Western New York. Thing 2: To Mayor Mitynan, "THANK YOU". It's about time someone made poor clothing decisions illegal, I've been preaching that for years, now if only we could bring that foreign trend here to Western NY.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ok then what about Noah?

I had a discussion with one of my good friends Big Dave at the BBQ this past Sat. In all actuality it was a query posed to all, but many were too distracted and/or slightly inebriated to delve into the debate. For my part, I didn't really think about it too much because I was too engrossed with the ND game at the time, and may or may not have had multiple beers from the glass-lined tanks of Latrobe, PA. (sources are unconfirmed). However, I thought about it today because of this article I came across,

We were discussing Darwin vs. ID. In all actuality, I never really put much thought into which theory is correct, however, being a reveler in the mysteries of the Church of Rome, I will say that I think God created life, as He created all the universe. That said, all I understand is this: (which is my argument that I use for all things even remotely involving faith) I am a mere mortal, no more no less, and as such I am limited in understanding by the capacity of my own mind. Therefore, I cannot possibly use this mortal mind to know, understand, or fully grasp anything that is beyond its capacity. Due to the fact that God created the ability for this capacity, I cannot possibly, while on this earth, grasp, who He is, or how He did what He did. I accept it, and believe it, even when there is no logical reason to, and that is what faith is to me. Thus, while Darwin makes sense to me, I still don't think it is 100% correct, I believe there was a creator in the beginning, and He'll be there at the end (the whole Alpha/Omega thing)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

But can I shoot that Damn dog???

Like all gamers I am eagerly awaiting the next generation console. I've seen the specs, the prices, and the features of the big 3's new systems. I have always been a Nintendo fan, and always will be, but when the new gen. was displayed I was unsure that I would buy into their "Revolution". Maybe it was time to go to the XBox 360 or PS3. I can now state that I was dead wrong for ever doubting Mario and Luigi's home. At the Tokyo game conference, Nintendo brass revealed the reason why their new system is a 'revolution'. I had heard about it, we all did, but seeing the controller in action was beyond any expectation I had. Check out the articles on this page:

People will loudly proclaim Sony and Microsoft's ability to do some amazing functions, and they'll be correct. Those machines will be perfect home entertainment centers. They'll also be upwards of $500. I don't care that my system could be a cpu, or home entertainment center. I want to play games with it!! Nintendo's new innovations, I think, will revolutionize the console gaming industry. They'll laugh all the way to the bank. Nintendo is giving me the following and I'm happy:

-Mario and Luigi, Link, sports games, FPS games, (especially a duck hunt update) and solid third party support. On this last point, I'm told via some financial research I did, that third party production for the 'Revolution' is projected to be the most cost effective among all the systems for companies like Lucasarts, EA, etc...
-WiFi online gameplay ability out of the box.
-That incredible controller, the 'nunchaku peripheral' (and a peripheral shell to insert it into so that it acts like a quasi-gamecube paddle, if my arms get tired)
-The ability to download any Nintendo game ever made (Ice Climbers, Mach Rider, etc...)
-Opening price of approx. $200

I'm sold, can't wait, "Long live the Revolution."

Monday, September 26, 2005

"When the boys are really up against it..."

I had my Football BBQ this past Saturday. After chomping down hickory-smoked chicken, Italian and Greek sausages, salads, and cookies, we gleefully watched Notre Dame play Washington. The weather was perfect, my friends were all cheering and having a great time, the beer flowed like wine, and all seemed right with the world. As Notre Dame's offense took the field for the first time though, we were all quite surprised. I yelled, "A PASS?!?" and then a bunch of expletives, until I saw the attempt was completed for a first down (of course then the play was brilliant). No one could figure out why the Irish chose such a risky play. Then I read this and now I understand. The play is beyond brilliant now, and I, well I, damn I have to go get this dust out of my eyes.

Question of the week: Is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?

Friday, September 23, 2005

A glowing apple and a quasi-set list

-Here's the picture of Torreador Jack from the show, and also many of the 30 songs they played. There are about 3-4 more songs that they played from their earlier albums "The White Stripes" and "De Stijl" but I can't remember which ones they were and so they are not on the list. (sorry)

"When I Hear My Name"
"Blue Orchid"
"Passive Manipulation"
"Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground"
"My Doorbell"
"Hotel Yorba"
"I'm Finding it Harder to Be a Gentleman"
"Walking With a Ghost"
"The Union Forever"
"Ball and Biscuit"
"The Nurse"
"Offend in Every Way"
"You've Got Her in Your Pocket"
"I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself"
"The Same Boy You've Always Known"
"Instinct Blues"
encore included:

"In the Cold Cold Night"
"We're Going to be Friends"
"Black Math"
"Red Rain"
"As Ugly As I Seem"
"I Think I Smell A Rat"
"The Hardest Button to Button"
"Seven Nation Army"
"Boll Weevil"

Best not mess with Texas

From my most recent observations, these are reasons why Hurrican Rita should not hit Texas:

1.) They're big people, in general.
2.) They wear big hats, always
3.) Texans wear big boots, everywhere. These boots are either leather, alligator, or rattlesnake skin. The last version of boot often will be replete with the snake's head, mouth-open, on the toe. An interesting choice.
4.) Yes Garv and G$ they take football very seriously, much like Doctors take curing sick people seriously.
5.) All of these texas cowboys can rope the moon, paint the desert and fire six shooters better than Pecos Bill. Therefore, I think they'll be able to lasso and ride the cyclone known as Rita.

-Good Luck Texas!! You were very kind and polite, and I thank you for showing me a good time. A little hint though (don't flood 44N with traffic, think about driving west across the state to San Antonio-away from Rita's path)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

how 'bout them cowboys

Ok so I am in Dallas, Texas for work (on conferences) and last night we made the mistake of going out to a sports bar in Dallas to watch the Cowboys play their heated rivals the Washington Redskins. OH MY GOD, ok so I know already that the fans in B-lo are zealously loyal, but the Cowboy fans here need some help. As you may, or may not know, the 'Boys lost to the 'Skins at the end of the game and people down here acted as though their parents' died. It was an utterly surreal experience to say the least. Well, I have to split we're heading out downtown to catch the nightlife in Dallas, and to figure out who, if anyone, really did shoot J.R. More when I return later this week.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

...And that was all that I needed

As I said, Friday I went up to the great metropolis of Toronto to see The White Stripes live at the Molson Amphitheatre. Honey couldn't go, so a buddy from work went with me. Here's the rundown:

-4:00pm -start the car, drive north, rock out to the new Franz Ferdinand album(which btw is an excellent sophmore release)
-5:00pm -pass Hamilton, been cruising, feeling good, wait...what the???
-6:00pm-finally pass Burlington, still not pleased, average speed for the past hour has probably been 27 mph.
-7:01-7:04pm- rocking out to "Blue Orchid", unable to get the immediately catchy guitar riff a la "Kasmir" or "Smoke on the Water" out of our heads.
-7:30pm- After flying down Lakeshore Blvd. we see the great edifice of the Amphitheatre. Whoo-hoo!
-8:00pm- I bought a concert shirt, had to, and started drinking. Shockingly, they only serve Molson beer at the Molson Amphitheatre...
-8:15pm- make our way to our seats. Hmmmm doesn't look packed. Lot's of interesting people, and it's still raining. Good thing I've had a few 20 ouncers. The opening band is surprisingly very good.(The Greenhornes)
-9:03pm- Lights go out, it's pitch black, I can't see...wait a minute there's a red glow, now red lights, now white lights, now it's bright, Holy Shit where'd these people come from, that was an awesome trick, wait... The set is very simple, yet bold, there's all the instruments, the peppermint drum set, a marimba??? Timpanis?? a whole row of guitars all neatly on their stands, all red, and white, and one solid black one. There's the black piano, and the red and white organ, everything is surrounded by palmetto trees that have been painted white, there's a red backdrop with white palmettos and a white sun whose center glows scarlet.
-9:04pm- There's Meg!! ohhh she's so dainty, there's Jack!! Oh now that's an outfit, black torreador suit replete with steel mariachi tossels down the legs, and a black gunfighter hat.
Oh they're bowing... they walk to their respective instruments and it starts...Immediately 18,000 people erupt and the purple clouds of mary jane have surrounded everything and everyone...crap...I hate that smell.
-10:40pm- Holy Shit...after a ten song encore they still haven't played Seven Nation Army.. Meg is slumped over her set, hair matted, Jack has lost the hat, the jacket, and his standing in the middle of the stage curled over his guitar. They look like marionettes that had their strings cut. They're not doing anything...What's that?? What's that?? Meg is banging out rim shots, Jack still isn't moving but there it is... bowm bowm ba Meg is pounding the drums, Jack has already snapped up after playing the opening few notes, and here it is, the finale...the crowd after being bombarded for the past 90 minutes has been waiting, and now the energy has been released, everyone is going wild...Oh the strobes during the musical interludes are blinding, but very awesome.

*All in all the most fantastic show I've seen. Jack and Meg didn't have the interaction with the crowd that Coldplay did, but the synergy thet have with one another while playing is unparalleled. They just kept going from one song to the next, all the while playing, switching guitars, jumping to the piano, going to the bongos, the marimba, the organ, back to guitar, back on the drums...I'm still dizzy from seeing and hearing four hands play so much so fluidly. I'll try to post the 30 song set list when I return from Dallas on Friday. Until then, Fill it up again.

Friday, September 16, 2005

I'll take a wild orchid and turn it blue...

IT'S HERE!!!! IT'S HERE!!!! I am on my out to the wonderful city of Toronto, again, to see "The White Stripes" live at the Molson Amphitheatre. It also happens to be an evening when the Yankees are there, U2 is down the street playing, and the Toronto International Film Festival is going on. Soooo, I think traffic will not be congested at all. Should be one hell of an evening, reports to follow this weekend.

*Also, ND vs. MSU tomorrow!!! They are resurrecting the stadiumwide chant of "Here come the Irish" should be chilling to say the least! Go...Irish...Go...Irish.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Maybe "Apple" isn't that bad after all...

Ok here's the article of the week.

I am so thankful my parents did not subject me to a lifetime of dealing with any of these names.

On a side note, I have to say that I just returned from a meeting with some clients and could not avert my eyes from one particular woman the entire time. It's not what you think, honest. She was a Doppelgänger for "The Queen Mommy Gorg" of Fraggle Rock. I couldn't get over the striking resemblance. All I could picture was the rest of her family which had to be "The King of the Universe-Daddy Gorg", and "Junior"...

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I am the clown with the tear-away face...

My favorite month is fast approaching...October. I love the smell of fireplaces and burning leaf piles. I look forward to the ambers, crimsons, and lemon-yellows of the leaves. I cannot wait to start drinking dark, malty beers again, and wearing fall clothes. Notre Dame football on October Saturdays, for me, is sporting nirvana( a national championship would send me to my own personal Shangri-La).
However, I think what I like the most about October is the fact that the entire 31 days is spent in feverish anticipation for Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year (and after Christmas, the holiday I look forward to most). I simply LOVE Halloween, and as anyone who knows me can attest, I am a big Halloween costume guy. Therefore, my preparations for 2005 officially begin today (usually it is on the Ides of September, but I have 3 conferences tomorrow). To achieve success in the quest for the perfect costume, (balancing costume feasibility, construction, and critical reaction) one must be committed to say the least. I'm always up for it, so this year I once again will laugh in the face of this "great disguise" challenge, as I launch my annual campaign for costume glory. Honey and I are leaning toward a couples costume again, and I think we may have another winner this year. You'll all have to stay tuned to find out...

*As an aside, Yes, I know, I need 'help' .

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The sexiest woman alive...

Esquire magazine holds a contest that they run annually for the sexiest woman alive. Last year it was Angelina. This year, they are revealing her piecemeal every month (which makes looking forward to my mail more fun) and have given several clues. Here at work, the office pool's latest report has Jessca Biel as the front-runner, with Kiera Knightley, and Charlize Theron, in the number 2 and 3 spots respectively. Now for me, Honey will always be the sexiest woman in the world and the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but for the purposes of this riddle, here are the clues:

-She has something in common with Brett Favre
-One of her movie's takes place among green mountains
-Insects play a prominent role in one of her works
-Her full name includes the letter i.
-An important man in her life has a last name that begins with P.
-Her favorite color is green.
-She has a pet with a name that appears on most maps
-One of her relationships in a recent movie was Kafkaesque
-She is proficient at archery
-She is one degree from Kevin Bacon
-She has appeared in a big movie with an Oscar winner.
-She and Jumbo the elephant share a significant personal connection
-She has something in common with Billy Bob Thornton
-She was born while Margaret Thatcher was the British Prime Minister.
-The name of the town where she grew up is a common noun.
-Tom Cruise makes her weak in the knees.
-She has experience with power tools
-She is not a member of the Supreme Court...

Ok guys and gals, help us figure out the great mystery of our time.

Monday, September 12, 2005

"Oh yeah..." Hell no

Review time once again. We have 5 reviews to post today:

1.) Notre Dame vs. Michigan. Fantastic game for the Irish, going into 111,000 seat Michigan Stadium, and upsetting the Wolverines. Another nailbiter though. They always give me palpitations when winning big games.

2.) Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans. Thing #1, I love the retro alternate uniforms. I think those should be the regular ones. Thing #2, how about Losman now?? Kid looked like a veteran out there, let's cross our fingers for the next 15 weeks.

3.) HBO's Rome, while not as action-packed or softcore as previous episodes, still was quite captivating, and once again, left me glued, unblinking to my TV set. It's fun to watch sniveling senators, and fat blowhards try to ascertain Caesar's plans, and not have the cranial capacity to even come close to what the truth is. Yet, Caesar's thought to pardon all of his 'non-violent' enemies, while noble, proved in time to be just as foolish.( A lesson Octavian would not soon forget, BTW)

4.) Three cheers to FOX, not only for The Family Guy, but also for its new series The War at Home. These two shows laugh in the face of modern societal views, proving that irreverent humor a la "All in the Family" is still hilarious.

5.) Finally, (whew) Honey and I rented a movie on friday evening for which I had heard and read nothing but praise. I should have known better. The movie was Crash, and I must say I most certainly am not drinking the Kool-Aid for this one. Shot in a very similar fashion as Magnolia, Crash is a series of little vignettes that are tied together. Set in LA, the film is supposed to be a portrayal of how races perceive one another. Unfortunately, the movie falls upon its own sword. The story and pacing is disjointed at best and cannot tie together the small amount of decent scenes in the film. Moreover, it's ridiculous to assume that few if any of these 'good' scenes would ever remotely happen in real life (in particular Ryan Phillipe's shining moment of negotiation). It is predictable to no end and essentailly no more than an ill-attempt at propaganda advertising replete with over-used cliches and more melodrama than a tired soap opera. I left it on hoping that maybe it would get better, maybe it wouldn't continue to be a mouthpiece for the Hollywood soapbox of "America is still filled with bad people that overtly express their bad attitudes" but yeah, no, it didn't. Sorry about the length here, next time though I'll try not to pull any punches and let you all know how I really feel.

Question of the week: Why did kamikaze pilots wear helmets?

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'll bet it tastes like ass...

I was perusing MSNBC, reading various articles and came across this one:

Oh dear Lord. Another shining example of how China is slowly becoming the next "Superpower". Right...

A quick note, big day tomorrow. This Saturday at noon eastern, The Fighting Irish are facing their long-standing heathen rivals: the Michigan Wolverines. It's a big one, I'll be ready. Here come the Irish...Here come the Irish...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

G'day mates...come have some shrimp from the bar-bee.

During my TV watching the past few nights of the Rome week on the "H", I find myself surfing during the commercials. The past 2 nights I've seen multiple advertisements for "Family Day" Sept. 26th. Apparently, Americans have to be told that it is important for one day to sit at the dinner table and eat as a family unit to foment proper interaction and discourse with one another. Unbe-fricking-lievable...

On a lighter note, the article of the week hails from "Down Under" where apparently people from other nations of the world think Australia is another planet.

Actual Questions Mailed to the Sydney Olympic Committee

I have a question about a famous animal in Australia, but I forget its name. It's a kind of bear and lives in trees.
Does it ever get windy in Australia? I have never seen it rain on TV, so how do the plants grow?
Will I be able to see kangaroos in the street?
Will I be able to speak English most places I go?
It is imperative that I find the names and addresses of places to contact for a stuffed porpoise.
Which direction should I drive - Perth to Darwin or Darwin to Perth - to avoid driving with the sun in my eyes?
I want to walk from Perth to Sydney - can I follow the railroad tracks? [seven thousand miles]
Is it safe to run around in the bushes in Australia?
My client wants to take a steel pooper-scooper into Australia. Will you let her in the country?
Do the camels in Australia have one hump or two?
Can I bring cutlery into Australia?
Do you have perfume in Australia?
Do tents exist in Australia?
Can I wear high heels in Australia?
Can you tell me the regions in Tasmania where the female population is smaller than the male population?
Do you celebrate Christmas in Australia?
Can I drive to the Great Barrier Reef?
Are there killer bees in Australia?
Can you give me some information about hippo racing in Australia?
Are there supermarkets in Sydney and is milk available all year round?
Please send a list of all doctors in Australia who can dispense rattlesnake serum. [there are no rattlesnakes in Australia]
Which direction is North in Australia?
Can you send me the Vienna Boys' Choir schedule?
I have developed a new product that is the fountain of youth. Can you tell me where I can sell it in Australia?
Are there places in Australia where you can make love outdoors?
I was in Australia in 1969 on R+R, and I want to contact the girl I dated while I was staying in Kings Cross. Can you help? [Kings Cross is the Red Light District]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Unlimited pow-ah!!!

You know what I dig the most about the whole concept of blogs? One can be oneself, unabashedly posting whatever one wants. There is no one to answer to, no politically-correct format to follow (Thank God), and it's a great way to express one's true thoughts and opinions. So to fellow bloggers who freely opine I say, It takes all kinds of people to make the world go roun', so don't sweat those who don't agree with you, whoever likes what you have to say, likes it, and whoever doesn't, doesn't. (ah... Yogi Berra)

On to the observations of the day:

1.) I've been watching the H channel's week-long genuflection to Rome (surprise), and though it is informative, there are definitely varying accounts given on certain topics, depending on which historian is providing the commentary. Oh well. What struck me in particular however, was the resident narrator of the H channel that speaks during the end credits of every show. Last night he said something to the effect of, "Stay tuned for tomorrow's episode of Julius Caesar's greatest battle as part of the History Channel's week long look at the (wait for it...) Imperial Empire of Rome." WHAT?!? the Imperial Empire, no shit, really? Thank God, I thought it was one of the other types of Empires. The made me laugh, sorry...I'm a dork, remember?

2.) I recently commented over at my friend's blog BA START. about the new Superman movie. I dig Supes, some of my friends are really into him, so they are eagerly anticipating the new movie due out in '06. I tried to post a link where I found some pics. from the movie but it didn't work, so to Alex, Jess, and Garv. check them out, I'm sure you've already seen them, but they look kinda cool I think. Here's the link:

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Holiday weekends

Fridays off are ok, but they are kind of an 'off day' anyway. Mondays on the other hand, are the worst to begin with, so when I have them off, I like to think I can savor it. Foolish me. Apparently yesterday was a day for 'us' to go shopping that I didn't know was on the calendar. Awesome! (as an aside, my cpu had to go into the shop for repairs yesterday, my apologies for no post) Why wouldn't I want to go shopping on what is essentially the last 'day' of summer, really. We walked amongst the masses crowding the shopping center here in Buffalo, (my favorite thing to do) until we found some random articles of clothing that caught 'Honey's' eye. I waited at some places, and dutifully gave my thoughts, when asked, on certain skirts, slacks, and tops. However, I decided at some point that I could be more efficient in saving time, by going to a store I wanted to see while Honey was trying clothes on. My favorite part of the day was going into one particular store where I found a casual French Connection sport-coat whose color scheme was stated as "Mordor Wash". Being a LoTR fan, I laughed aloud-then realized a half-second after everyone else in the store that I laughed aloud, took the jacket off, hung it back up, and quietly left as quickly as possible.

Question of the week: Why are there braille instructions on drive-in Automatic Teller Machines?

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Alea Iacta Est...

The second episode of Rome opened tonight with quite a bang or rather should I say series of "bangs". Yes, there were numerous coital scenes on this evening's episode, but nothing that would detract from the story that much. I was more intrigued with the political warfare that occurred, but wished HBO would have shown our hero Gaius Julius uttering the now infamous line while crossing the Rubicon:
"Alea Iacta Est."

Ah well, perhaps next week they'll show it.

In other news I must make two quick notes:

1.) I previously felt terrible for all those suffering in New Orleans. That's changed over the course of the past few days. Little children, elderly, and some women still have my sympathies. However, I have absolutely no regard for those who have acted as animals by pillaging, looting TVs they cannot watch, firing upon civilians and rescuers, and setting fires in streets. To the LA. governor that gave the "Shoot to Kill" order, I say, "I like where your head's at"

2.) On an entirely different topic, my beloved Fighting Irish of Notre Dame surprised the hell out of me last night by actually playing like a Notre Dame team of old. (kicking the ever-loving shit out of the U. of Pitt panthers) Well done boys, great opener, keep it up!!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Speed of sound...

Last night I went to the best show I've seen to date. In general, I don't particularly like concerts. However, I went with 'Honey' to see her favorite band, Coldplay, at Darien Lake (I like them, not my favorite, but I like them-a lot) and I must say it was amazing. A quick review:

1.) The giant video screen in the background a la the "Speed of Sound" video was an excellent showpiece, as were the lights that glaringly produced multiple colors and patterns, often goading the symbol on "X&Y"'s cover to dance about the audience and inside of the tent
2.) They dashed aside one of the main reasons why I hate concerts.(most bands sound like shit live) Excellent pacing, song selection, and performances. The giant confetti-filled balloons released during "Yellow" coupled with the monochrome light scheme of said color, was especially cool.
3.) Chris Martin's back and forth between Schroeder piano-playing and Lizard King dance-steps, was energetic to say the least.
4.) That damn screen. I know I already mentioned it but to see the colors, and video production put up on that thing, well it was a sight to behold.
5.) IT WAS PACKED, never in the former shows that I've been to, have I seen that many people for a band. Moreover, I've never seen so many demographics represented at one show either, a testament to the scope and breadth of their popularity to be sure.

On that note, I must respond to the ever-so chic critics I've heard since 'X&Y' was released. Even though Coldplay are not my favorite, anyone who continues whining or elevates their crying to vituperative railing about how this band is over-rated, or their new album is over-produced marketing and hype, is completely out of their gourd. In fact it's downright laughable that these pseudo-sophisticate critics cannot open-up their superior intellect, and vast knowledge of what is cool, to think not necessarily about the reaction the band garners now, (which much to their consternation, is overwhelmingly positive) but what impact they will have going forward. No, they are not the next 'U2', because they have a different sound. However, I believe they will be as big, (if not bigger) as the Irish quartet, as time marches on. As for the new album, I think it just taskes an understanding of how truly great bands grow and evolve. I'll use my modern favorites as an analogy. Just as "Get Behind Me Satan" may be the White Stripes transitional "Rubber Soul" album, so too might "X&Y" be Coldplay's eternal "Joshua Tree" album. If you don't believe me, or if you think I've 'sold-out' or whatever the bullshit coffee-shop lingo is nowadays, get off yer keister, go see them perform it, and then in 20 yrs when everyone else has long realized it, I'll skywrite "See what I mean" in yellow smoke, with a wink.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My turn, My turn

Ok, I put it on shuffle and here goes:

What do you think of me? Same Boy You've Always Known-The White Stripes. Thanks, I like to think I continue to grow , but my core is still immutable.

Will I have a happy life? God Put a Smile Upon Your Face-Coldplay. I hope that means yes.

What do my friends think of me? Act Nice and Gentle-The Black Keys. HA! the oracle sure dropped the ball on that one.

Do people secretly lust after me? Change Your Mind-The Killers. Yeah, so no then, just as I figured.

How can I make myself happy? Different Names for the Same Thing-Death Cab for Cutie. hmmm and now what is the 'thing'??

What should I do with me life? Tempus Fugit-Miles Davis. Thank you Oracle, I know 'time flies' should I then just "Carpe Diem"? enough with the Latin too.

Why must life be so full of pain? Honest Mistake-The Bravery. Well that's good to know, then maybe the pain was a mistake? Um. yeah, no, people need the pain, it's the only way to learn.

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex? Float On.-Modest Mouse. Soooo on a boat then?, or a waterbed? hmmm we'll have to revisit those.

Can you give me some advice? Get Together to Tear it Apart-The Hives. Ok that's some really spot on advice-wait WTF?!?

What do you think happiness is? All Tomorrow's Parties-The Velvet Underground. I like where your head's at Oracle.

Lava Life Dating Reviews
Lava Life Dating Reviews