Friday, July 22, 2005

Ya gotta Regatta....ya just gotta....

YAY!!! It's here It's here!!! The level regatta back home is this weekend. The level regatta is an annual event that occurs where the Niagara River meets Lake Ontario out in the wilderness. It is an old town (more than 250 yrs. old) that has only a couple thousand people that live in it. It's very Sleepy Hollow-esque, especially around the fall-time. At any rate, the regatta is a weekend-long party when 25,000 descend on this town and have a great time at the local tavern (which is around 200 yrs old itself) and have outdoor parties etc... So we have a convoy going upriver this evening, I'll report Monday on how the weekend of debauchery went.

Update: We had a "Broken Arrow" last night as my buddy from Fl. was an utter mess.

Question of the day: What if there were no more questions?


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