Tuesday, July 12, 2005

"The Game" (or) Bar story #1

Ok guys, sorry about the rant earlier, just one of those long days. You know, one where you want to run fast and far over the distant hill and scream nonsensical swearwords like Yosemite Sam used to do in the Looney Tunes.(i.e. "rasa-fracka fricka fracka" and so on and so forth) That being said, I feel better and I promise to you, my fledgling, but faithful public that I shall not go on a political tirade/rant again....I hope.

On to the topic for this evening. I have many a tale to tell involving bars, drinking, parties etc... So let's begin with a rather tame one. A few years ago, I used to go to a bar quite regularly with my friends from college, and we would sit around, have some drinks, converse, have more drinks, play some darts, have more drinks, to the point where we began playing...."The Game".

Now the game goes like this-we'd sit in a quasi-circle (with more drinks) and come up with a topic such as, "names of beer", then everyone would have to provide a name without repeating one already said. Once one is repeated, or a person cannot provide an answer promptly, the next person in the circle comes up with a different topic and the game starts anew. It was silly, and sounds rather easy to do, however, the fun was in developing the topics, and then, subsequently coming up with an answer every turn. (after having had a few pops) So give it a shot next time you're out at a bar with close friends tipping a few back (warning not a club game, best used when at a pub/bar/party)

Question of the Evening: tonight's question is actually going to be an example of "The Game" The topic for you all to try is "Names of Transformers" ready....GO!


At 6:47 PM, Blogger Garvey said...

As I remember, this grew out of a combination of "If you were... what would you be?" and the categories section of "kings".

(This is why buffalonians are bad at drinking games - they just want to drink.)


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