Monday, July 11, 2005


well this is the inaugural post for my blog, I hate this font ok hang on, let's try this one maybe??? ok it's a little better. This is my first blog posting and many of you I am sure have been left in absolute consternation over the absurd title. Belugas are yes the white whales of the arctic north, but also are code if you will, for the noxious fumes that may or may not be expelled from any number of individuals one may encounter. Now onto the title of my blog itself: "fill it up again..." it's a rallying cry of sorts, one that can be heard shouted at most any bar on the downtown strip of buffalo, at any given moment of any given weekend evening, so long as I, or a select few of my friends are partaking in galavanterous debauchery. At any rate, I am excited to have this blog up and running, and will post at regular intervals. Thank you and good night.

Question to think about: Who the hell thought it was a good idea to begin the mass adoption of politically correctness?


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